Monday, September 13, 2021

Mountains to Climb

Greetings Family and Friends,

I am camping and biking in a location about an hour north of Pittsburgh, PA.

The mile into the campground was on a wavy road that had me and the trailer rocking side to side.  Even at 4 mph it felt too fast.  And the hills I had to climb!  Between Kittanning and where I left in Tionesta there were a lot of long steep hills that had my engine roaring at times.

It feels like I am in a different area of the country.  The campground is full of seasonal campers that go home for the work week.  It is very very quiet and beautiful.

Getting into my site my van spun its wheels on the wet grass and mud.  I sure hope it doesn’t rain between now an Thursday so I can pull out without assistance!

 I am testing out using my iPhone to blog because that is all I will have on the Gap and C&O trails.  Now I remember that they all’s show up at the top.  Maybe the answer is to load the Pictures first.

Also on our first long tour George and I would rate the day from 1=bad to 5=great.  I will use that system again too.  But maybe I will ad a Zero = I quit!

I am writing this in a coffee shop in East Bank, PA.  I am content with food and coffee along my ride on the Armstrong Trail.

More later

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