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Alzheimer's Trippin'
Narrated by Robin Siegerman

The Journey Continues
Narrated by Candace Tuttle


Alzheimer's Trippin' with George

Click on the video to hear a sample of the audio book.  In this sample, George and I are on a last-hurrah road-trip following his diagnosis. 

George keeps leaving the door open.

It wouldn't be a big problem except we are house & cat sitting and I don't want the cat to get out on my watch!

 George, however, is living with dementia. He used to be the one to make sure all the cupboards and doors and drawers were shut, I was the one that would neglect them and leave them open. Dementia has changed all that.

Listen in at this sample.

I am excited to have this book released in Audio book! Robin Siegerman does an excellent job reading with the light and adventurous mood I tried to create while telling our story.

Narrated by Voice Actor Robin Seigerman.

Available on Amazon/Audible and itunes.

 "If you think life is over after an Alzheimer's diagnosis, then you should read Susan Straley's Alzheimer's Trippin' with George: Diagnosis to Discovery in 10,000 Miles.  Susan and George clearly love the outdoors, exploring and riding their three-wheeled recumbent "trikes" on various trails. In journal form and with lots of photos, Susan shares their story of traveling across the country and the day-by-day experience of watching George's decline. It's an inspirational journey, despite the losses, and I was uplifted by reading it!" Amazon Reader 

 “A courageous journey with many twist and turns as two people grasp the challenges of Alzheimer’s This is a true story of two people taking a cross country trip to celebrate 40 years of marriage with an unwelcome guest known as Alzheimer’s. The writer shares their story in a most candid way. Not only does she share the geographical trip but the many nuances of the disease and how it impacts the mundane and extraordinary events of each day. A brave journey that one will benefit from reading.” Amazon Reader 

"Beautiful, moving, heart wrenching. A challenging situation to be in is an understatement. This was a unique perspective." Amazon Reader 

"I enjoyed vicariously tagging along with Susan and George on their quite lengthy road trip adventure. Despite his medical and behavioral challenges, they were able to keep on exploring, biking, and hiking more than most people would even without such impediments." Amazon Reader 

"Others dealing with dementia and their loved ones and caregivers might well benefit from reading about Susan’s and George’s ways of coping and continuing to live each day to its fullest." Amazon Reader

 "I loved the way the author tells the story of her journey with George with empathy and humor, with an easy to read style that makes the pages fly by. What a wonderful approach to Alzheimer's Disease!" Amazon reader

The Journey Continues

The second book in the Trippin' Series, The Journey Continues is available.  Listen to the sample below.

Narrated by Candace Tuttle Voice Actress.  Available on Amazon, Audible and itunes.

Get the print or ebook version!

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