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Hurricane Prep - Travel Prep - Exercise Video and Large Print

Hi, There is a storm heading our way... or not. Dorian, currently a tropical storm gaining momentum in the Atlantic, may head this way, may not. My heart goes out to all those caregivers trying to figure out where to go, whether to go or stick it out.  In The Journey Continues I wrote about our trip to escape hurricane Irma.  We were lucky, we had the means and ability to get away.  Some of the friends in my dementia caregiver support group had a heck of a time during Irma.  One took her loved one to a special needs shelter.  Can you image what it is like to hunker down in a storm (and its aftermath) when you have someone you love with dementia? They are confused sometimes even in their own home and taking them into a huge space with cots set up row after row, no place to sit comfortably, nothing to occupy them. It was a nightmare for my friend and her husband.  Then the special needs shelter got over crowded and under-supplied.  There was not enough beds, food and toilet

Trips Coming, Thoughts on Personal Impact, Audio Book

Exciting times!  So much to learn, to decide, to experience! Ok, now what do I start talking about first?  Do I start off talking about what I have been thinking about?    If I believe the science telling us that climate change is happening and that human activity is a big contributing factor, what am I doing and what CAN I be doing (or not doing) to reduce my impact.  And then, I remember something I heard... "No snowflake feels responsible for the avalanche." Do I start off telling you about the "Trippin'" that is coming up?  North Carolina, Ohio, Wisconsin, Everglades, Florida Keys, Arizona... too much? Or do I start off telling you about what is happening with the books ? Audio, large print, book launch events... Ok, ok, ok, stop twisting my arm!   I will talk about the progress of the books first. If this isn't of interest to you, skim down.  You won't want to miss the Trippin' we are going on this fall! (I promise to take y