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We Dot Toads

Cheers to where you are! I got that message on my Dove candy wrapper (Dark Chocolate Mint) and instantly adopted it to share with you here. Shortly after we arrived in Wisconsin, I started feeling a little bronchial congestion.  There was a lot of pollen in the air, so I suspected it might be that. I usually fight colds and things like this off, but this time it got hold of me.  I ended up going to a walk-in clinic where the Nurse Practitioner told me it was a virus.  And since I tested myself for covid and it was negative, it wasn't that.  But there are thousands of viruses and they could test me for three of them.   I said no thanks.  The steroid prescription was an anti- inflammatory.   So I also got some turmeric and started drinking tea with honey, and at night a sip or two of brandy to calm the cough.  But there is no living in a 20 x 7.5 foot space and kisses before I knew I was sick.  So I generously shared the fun with Steve.  He is coughing as I write this.  He tried the