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3-Day Free Kindle Blitz - And more Netherlands

It is Alzheimer's and Brain Health Awareness Month 
Amazon is offering the Kindle with the Sunset Cover for

Only for three days.
Sunday, June 16 through June 18.  
So think of all those friends who you think would benefit or enjoy Trippin' with us and send them this link.  You are giving them the gift of awareness, knowledge, fun, and hours of reading pleasure.

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Trippin' Netherlands, The Journey Continues

June 8, 2019

June is Alzheimer's and Brain Awareness Month
I wear purple in honor of so many who have passed and so many who are living.
GrandmaMomSister-in-lawSweet GeorgeFriends Karl, Herb, Bob, PeterAnd Friends that are living with dementia now. Alzheimer's Trippin' with George e-book is discounted in June.  $2.99 until July 1.
It really has been a while since I posted.  I have been busy!

The Journey Continues
Book II is now available in Paperback from Amazon.

If you get a copy be sure to post a picture of yourself, or someone, or something with the book!  We are having fun again in the Susan Straley Writes Facebook group, posting and sharing pictures.

Thanks to Diane and Sara, Gary Solomon, and Dan Sheridan for sending in their pictures so far.

Aren't they great?!  Fun!

Reviews so far are good.  One reader said, "I even enjoyed the poopy parts."

The Kindle version won't be out until late fall.

I ha…

The Journey Continues - Now?


Today was a great day.  Yesterday, not so much.

Yesterday I was lonely and feeling sorry for myself!  Almost a whole year since George passed and I have had... I really don't remember having many bad days and certainly haven't been lonely.

It was unusual, but maybe it was a really good thing because I am going to be traveling with a bunch of other people in the next few weeks and this down/lonely feeling will make me appreciate all the togetherness and activity.

Today, though, was a good day.  I rode down 17 miles on the Withlacoochee Trail after having breakfast with the bike group at the Hen House Restaurant.  I had to go down and feed those goats! 

It was a great ride, even if I was by myself, I enjoyed it.  I had podcasts to listen to, I stopped and chatted with strangers at the Floral City gazebo (the place we bicyclists rest on the trail), and when I arrived in Inverness I found the "Snails" sitting in the shelter and I joined them for a while.

Here a…

Identity Fumbling

Monday 4/15/19

First, let me talk about the book.  Then I will talk about other things, I promise.  Sorry to go on and on about this new author stuff.  This writing and publishing and promoting is all new to me and it takes over my everyday thoughts.

The other day I was talking with someone who had been a caregiver.  We shared the feeling of joy and purpose that flowed through most of our days.  How our love grew and changed over time caring for our loved ones.   I told her I felt fulfilled caring for George.  That all my life when I was doing one thing I was wondering if I should be doing something else.  But while care-giving I knew that caring for George and myself was my top priority.  No doubts.

Now that doubt,  am I doing the best thing with my time, returns.  I feel fulfilled working on the book and sharing the book.  So when I have social dates, take a day to bike, I have this little voice saying, "you should be working on the book promotion, publishing, learning..."

Too Silly to be Old

I am having fun.  I hope you are too.

I am proud to be a monarch momma.  Love those fat little guys that turn into orange butterflies that visit my garden.  I have been starting new milkweed plants (it is the only plant that the caterpillars feast on.) And a friend of mine has asked me to save the seeds and she is going to plant a large area in Milkweed.  It does well here.  The plants look so much different than in Wisconsin.

The pictures of the blossoms were taken by my friend Mark B.  He and his wife, Jane visited a real short visit this winter.  We had a great time kayaking and hanging out.

Pictures Pictures Pictures
On the Facebook Group Susan Straley Writes I have been asking people to post pictures of themselves or someone or something with the book.  I have gotten a great variety of pictures.  And some of the folks have shared the pictures on their personal page!  Yeah, spreading the word about the book and our story.  I love it.

I have been promising to put the pictures toget…

Alzheimer's Trippin' Book Launch Celebration

Wow, so much has been happening, my head is spinning!

Thanks for tuning in and joining me on this great new adventure, where-ever it takes us.
 THE KINDLE LAUNCH On Thursday, March 21,st the Kindle downloaded to 37 devices.  I think Amazon MIGHT have taken notice because today I got an automated email trying to sell me the book under "New Release".

One friend, Margaret C., made a video early in the morning the day of the Kindle launch.  Fun!  Thank you!  Here's the link.

First of all I would like to thank everyone that came out and made the Book Launch Celebration awesome.  Well attended, great people helping make it great with smiles, and pictures, and shares on their social media.

The launch was held at Cattle Dog Coffee Roasters in downtown Inverness, Florida, USA on Saturday, March 23, 2019.

I cried a couple times.  It is seeing people I haven't seen in a while who were instrumental in supporting me or us.

One was when I saw Karon W.  She…

Only One Day to the Alzheimer's Trippin' Kindle Book Launch!

Happy Wednesday, March 20, 2019.  Tomorrow, tomorrow, I love you tomorrow... you're only a day away.

I had great news yesterday, two rockstars in the recumbent riding world ordered my Kindle book and announced it on Facebook.

I have 34 Kindle books pre-ordered now.  I don't know if that is enough to excite Amazon into helping promote the book.

If you order the book or the kindle, share the news on your Facebook page and tag me.  Share on Instagram and twitter too while you are at it!

When I see it on Facebook, I will share it on the group "fan" page, Susan Straley Writes.

Larry Varney, who takes great pictures and plays Santa at Christmas time announced he ordered the kindle book.  Then Sylvia Halpern also visited the fan page and said she ordered the Kindle.  We visited Sylvia and I write about it in this first book.  We saw her both in Portland and in Idaho during our time at the Trike Rally.  She does a lot of touring on her trike by herself in amazing places.  Sh…