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You Can Be A Wellness Tripper

It has been at least 12 days since I last wrote to you. There have been many moments when I am just thrilled to be where I am and doing what I am doing.  This is new for me.  Outside of taking care of George, I have always wondered if I should be doing something else.    It may be a side-effect of COVID distancing that I don't feel rushed to be or do something more than I am at the moment.  That is a wonderful feeling. While I wasn't writing to you I was doing other fun stuff!    I went for a walk with my sister Mary through Rhinelander, WI and took a picture of this beautiful rock.   One day when she needed a hug I was so glad I was nearby to do just that. My friends, John and Sandy from Sussex, WI came to visit!  They stayed at a different campground because this campground office/tavern proudly doesn't follow COVID-19 safety guidelines. I had thought about going to that campground next year, but they are strict about having an RV-Certified sticker on your trailer.   Sinc

Wee Are Rolling in Rhinelander, WI in Crazy 2020

Hello and Good news!   The book sales for Alzheimer's Trippin' with George were real!  It wasn't a toad after all. (See the previous post to understand what I mean by that.)  As a reminder, I can look at how my advertisements are doing on Amazon.  I can see a report that tells me how many shoppers have viewed my ad, how many clicked, and how much was sold.      One day I checked and I had only one or two clicks on an ad but over $274 in sales.  Since the paperback book is around $24 each, I thought there was an error.     But it isn't an error.  It appears that one person bought many books!  Thank you , whoever you are, on behalf of the many caregivers who will receive comfort and education and entertainment from the books.     And on behalf of the caregivers that benefit from the education and support provided by Alzheimer's Family Organization where a portion of the proceeds will be donated.     FYI, the book is reduced to $23.25 for August.  August is George

Independent Author Illusions - Mouse to Toad

It is a cool grey Monday - 8/3/2020 I am loving it! I am feeling free and healthy and satisfied in spite of some disappointments. This is a picture of the one fire I built this whole trip.  I sat and watched it for 10 minutes.  Then it was done, I was done.  All done. There is a hole in the dirt outside the screen-tent where I have my portable sink. The hole is nicely round.  One afternoon I was washing dishes.  There inside the entrance to the hole was a cute grey mouse.  I smiled inwardly, "I now have a low-maintenance pet!"  I tried to move closer without scaring it away.  I took a picture through the screen with my phone.  It didn't turn out real clear.  I was excited to share with you the discovery of my little companion. There was a bit of celery that had fallen to the ground, and a corn chip.  I walked around the screen-tent to get a better picture, but the little grey guy was gone. I set the treats outside the hole. Today I saw him again just inside his hole looki