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Kayaking and Camping in the Adirondacks, Biking in Vermont

 I told you I was going to fill you in on the trip Steve and I did, canoeing and camping in the Adirondacks. Unfortunately we had only a window of one night to camp out in the wilderness because the weather report announced scattered storms.  The weather is unpredictable especially in the mountains.  But we found a couple days and one night all together with wonderful weather. Steve and his wife Margaret used to canoe/kayak and camp.  He love love loves it, especially if he can get to a beautiful spot totally isolated from human noises and where he rarely sees another human being. So he did the planning on this trip and I just followed along and enjoyed myself. He has these light-weight one-person canoes for carrying from lake to lake.  They are about 15-17 lbs empty. We left Steve's trailer parked in the campground. We drove a way (an hour?) to get into a place where we could park. Before we left the car we signed in and discovered there was one other couple and their dog that had