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Bicycling and Flipping Dinosaurs, Lewes, DE

Greetings from where we are to you where you are, I know this may seem strange to you.  But as a full time traveler I have to make an effort to do the things that will maintain my health and ability.  Just like you I do bills, try to keep in touch with friends and family, maintain my vehicles, file my taxes.   It would be easy to let exciting locations and tourist activities consume all my time. The beach is calling, the new trail needs exploring, the museum is full of things to learn, restaurants have goodies, breweries have entertainment.  Speaking of museums!  I found something surprising in one recently I will tell you about later. All that touristy stuff does fill up a lot of our time. But the first morning at Cape Henlopen State Park in Lewes, Delaware, I chose to ride my bike to a local gym so I could get some weightlifting in and do at least half of the PT exercises I was assigned. I mapped my route and took off on trails to a gym in Rohoboth.  Now I was combining maintenance s