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Hey Hey Hey! Happy Holidays!

 I love that you are with me in spirit right this moment.   I feel the glow. A neighbor at my RV Park who is a Florida Gator fan got this cute Christmas Decoration from her Gransdon.  It lights up at night. May you be blessed with some pain-free days and good nights of peaceful sleep (can you tell I am getting old?), lots of warm hugs and laughter, positive thoughts and good news, and of course fun, fun, fun in the next few weeks as we slide into 2024.  Time seems to go faster and faster as the years go by.   Tonight, Steve and I are hosting our first Christmas Eve party together.  We have some of his friends from his neighborhood coming, and some of our bicycle friends are coming.  And even, Joan who we met briefly in North Carolina at Oscar Blues Brewery is coming with her son from Zephyr Hills, FL!   We attended another large Christmas Party with many of our biking friends in attendance.  We did a white-elephant gift exchange of $10 gifts.  Steve got these cute socks. We had a littl

Back "Home" and Becoming A One-Year-Old Old Couple

 Happy Thanksgiving!  I am grateful for you, friends and fans and fun folks.  Life is much much easier when surrounded by support, love and laughter.   I have been telling myself to write to you, I knew it had been awhile.  I just looked at my last blog, it was short and was dated September 23, 2023!    I said I was going to write you again in November, and it is the day before Thanksgiving.  Yay, I made it! My excuse for the long delay is traveling south and then reconnecting and having fun in Inverness, FL.  I also have been using writing time to dabble at writing book three.  Don't hold your breath, it appears that doing fun things with friends has a higher priority. You'd want to shoot me if I tried to tell you all that happened between then and now. Last I wrote I was still at Steve's New York home.  Remember, we had decided not to do the GAP and C&O Trail ride because it just seemed to be too much for the time we had available.  His mom was in rehab after having a