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All By Myself - Widows Way

When I left you last I was heading to Cedar Falls and I wasn't quite sure any of the folks I know there would be available.  It turned out, none of them were.  They were all traveling themselves. I reached out on the Facebook tricycle and recumbent groups to let them know I would be riding the trails and would love a guide or some company. I got a couple of responses, but the riders weren't available to meet or ride. I was apprehensive.  Being on my own is not something I have done a lot of this trip.  There is usually someone I am scheduled to meet-up with after one or two days by myself.  I had scheduled three nights in Cedar Falls. I had a camping spot in the George Wyth State Park.  It has occurred to me that I could probably travel the country visiting all the campgrounds and museums with "George" in the name.  On the route there was a police road-block.  So I followed the cars in front of me.  They went down a very dusty gravel road that was parallel to the clos

Old and New Ground

 Greetings from Iowa! The ride to Iowa from La Crosse was lovely, the rolling hills here covered in golden soybeans and the occasional Red Maple.  I went through areas with wide shoulders dented in the middle from the hooves of Amish horses pulling buggies. I was listening to a radio program and the experts were talking about the extra stress of 2020 and how we need to find little pieces of joy to focus on.  I turned off the radio and enjoyed the views. I am in a small town called Lime Springs, Iowa.  The town has two restaurant bars it appears, and on the outskirts of town where Hwy 63 passes through (from Canada to Texas I am told) there is a Casey's gas station and convenience store.  Next to Casey's is a meat processing plant , or slaughter house to us vegetarians.  There they had four cases of COVID-19 months ago.   But there has been no news since.  I know these things because Dean told me.  Dean is my neighbor down in Florida.  He recently bought a place here in which to