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Weebles Wobble - But Then...

 Do you remember that commercial for the children's toy.  They were little people figures with a rounded bottom instead of legs and feet.  The bottom was weighted so the person-figure would pop back upright if you pushed it over. Well, sometimes people wobble.  I wobble a lot.  Not physically, (due to yoga practice, my balance is pretty good at 68), but decision-wise, I weeble and wobble all over the place. But before I get into all that, I want to wish you all a wonderful holiday season.  Whether you are sad or happy, excited or in dread, may you find yourself surrounded by blessings and experience moments that bring smiles and awe. Let's get you up to date on where I am today. Last Christmas, due to COVID, I didn't have our traditional holiday pot-luck with friends.  And though I missed the fun gathering and seeing folks, I had a great time with my friends, Regis and Cindy.  We did a lot of birding and a little biking and kayaking over on the East coast of Florida near Ti