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I Have The Best Job Ever!

Ok, I don't get paid to travel and visit friends and explore.   Technically it isn't a real job .  But I do work at it.  I get online, I find places, I plan my route and set the dates.  Then I try to make reservations.   Sometimes I can't get into a campground on the dates I want.  So I have to figure out a plan B.  And then sometimes plans change and I cancel those reservations.  It's all part of the JOB . I remember working at a paid job and working on a project for days, even weeks, and then the project gets canceled or changes directions and all my work was essentially flushed down the drain. I learned I can agonize over it, or just shrug my shoulders and move on.  It's ok, it all pays the same.  Or in my case, it all works out for the best.  At least it seems that way. Where Am I? Right this minute I am in the recreation room at Paul Smith College in Paul Smith, New York.   I am not far from Saranac Lake in the Adirondack Park .   According to the website: &qu