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Rainy Day Inside 72 Square Feet

July 26, 2020 Hi! I hope you are finding ways to feel good about yourself and beat the heat these days. It is a rainy Sunday.  It promises to stop a couple times today so I can get out and walk.  I can also go for a drive.  My sister says we got about three inches in Villas County, Wisconsin. There are two places I was thinking of checking out today.  If it had not been raining I had planned on riding my bike to Three Lakes.  It is a small resort town about 16 miles away by bike... I think. The second place I could drive to is a parking area or two for the Bearskin Trail.  It is a limestone packed surfaced bike trail that goes from a resort town (Minoqua, WI) to a dead end near Hwy K at the southern terminus.  I want to ride that trail this week.  With all the rain it may have some soft spots.  It would be nice to ride it from the country into Minoqua and dine outside at an open-air restaurant.  Maybe today, after the rain, is not a good idea.  The trail will be soft in spots

First-Time Seasonal Camper Settling In

7/18/2020 Greetings from Lake George Campground! It is Saturday morning and it is raining.    My neighbor here had warned me last night that there were severe storms in the forecast including possible tornadoes.   She said between 3:00 a.m. and 5:30.   It is now 5:28 and the Weeroll isn't rocking yet. I imagine if I were in my tent-cot I would be stuck in the prone position.     But I have coffee made and I am sitting at my little desk writing to you!   How cool is that!   Smiles. I arrived in Rhinelander on Monday and drove right to my sister’s house.   I disinfected my hands with the hand sanitizer I keep on the console, I put on a paper face mask.   And as I step out of the van I hear my sister running toward me, her arms outstretched.   Oh my!   Oh my!    We sat on her beautiful back deck, overlooking her yard.   It was clear she had been keeping herself occupied during the COVID shut-down by planting flowers.    This is Only the Lonely plant

The Traveler's Shuffle

Hello Readers of this-here journal!     Thank you for being here… there… along for the ride. Earlier today, both of Lilac’s side and back doors were open.   It is morning but still dark outside.   I was snuggled in the warmth of my cot with a slight smile, the quilt was folded double for added warmth.    I heard thunder and then a few drops pinged on the roof and thudded in the dirt outside.   I had to jump up and out of the trailer in order to shut the back doors.   (This is when conservative jammies come in handy.) Now I am sipping coffee and writing to you.   The rain is tapping on the roof.   All the windows and doors are shut.   I have paper towel stuffed into the groove of the front curb-side windowsill that leaked in the last big rain.   I am sitting at my lap-top, the lap-top is sitting on a TV tray, which serves as my desk in this trailer.    It is dark, the screen is bright. I have with me on this trip a larger folding table, but it doesn’t leave m