Sunday, July 26, 2020

Rainy Day Inside 72 Square Feet

July 26, 2020


I hope you are finding ways to feel good about yourself and beat the heat these days.

It is a rainy Sunday.  It promises to stop a couple times today so I can get out and walk.  I can also go for a drive.  My sister says we got about three inches in Villas County, Wisconsin.

There are two places I was thinking of checking out today.  If it had not been raining I had planned on riding my bike to Three Lakes.  It is a small resort town about 16 miles away by bike... I think.

The second place I could drive to is a parking area or two for the Bearskin Trail.  It is a limestone packed surfaced bike trail that goes from a resort town (Minoqua, WI) to a dead end near Hwy K at the southern terminus.  I want to ride that trail this week.  With all the rain it may have some soft spots.  It would be nice to ride it from the country into Minoqua and dine outside at an open-air restaurant.  Maybe today, after the rain, is not a good idea.  The trail will be soft in spots.

We will see what this day brings.  I will let you know what comes up.

So far I have been settling into a kind of routine.  I get up in the morning and after dressing and making my bed, I have the toilet holding tank to empty and maybe the  bucket under the sink.  Sometimes when I have lots of vegetable cleaning and dish cleaning and laundry cleaning and me cleaning, I have to walk the bucket under the sink to the waste-water dump three times in a day.

This week I kayaked, did Qi Gong and Ai Gong (Qi Gong in the water) and Yoga. Most of the time the activity is in the morning.  But this week I also went with the Northern Paddle and Trail Club on a kayak ride around a lake at 5:30 in the evening.

The first part of the week I was still attending an online class for advertising on Amazon.  I really don't know if it helped me.  I have so much more work to do.

The sales status of Alzheimer's Trippin' with George actually went DOWN during the class and all the work.   I want to give up sometimes, but then, who would I be?  What would be my mission then?  My identity is now tied up with being a writer... maybe not my identity, but it gives me a sense of purpose.  So I will rest and then give another push.

Which will be easier now because I bought myself a Jetpack which is a hotspot so I can get on the internet from anywhere that I have Verizon service.  Yay!

There aren't near as many wading birds on the waters here, I miss seeing Ibis, egrets, and the variety of herons.  On our kayak rides I have seen Great Blue Heron's and Hawks. 

In one clear lake I saw lots of little fish.

 On a Monday morning we went to try Ai Gong which is Qi Gong in the water.  It was held at a private camp for kids and families.  Many of the children have autism, so an Eagle Scout put up a music garden recently.  The camp isn't open for guests right now, but the Ai Gong instructor got permission for us to use the beach.  Mary and I hiked in to see the music park.

It was amazing.

These tall parallel pipes had a lovely low tone.  When I struck one and listened to the waver of the sound waves, the other pipes started to vibrate.  And when I struck two and put my head between them I had to laugh.  It felt like I had taken a happy pill.  It was... a trip.

 Mary and I linked up with some of our fellow yoga classmates and went for a nice ride.  They like to hike and bike too, so I hope to connect again.

In the evenings I sometimes potluck and socialize at a distance with neighbors at the campground.  They get a bit closer to each other than six feet.  I stay at the perimeter and dash in to the table to fill my plate with the stuff that I cooked.

One of the seasonal campers made me these stairs!  He said, "That is what we do here, we help each other."   He said to make him some soup.

I got a vase from Goodwill and filled it with wildflowers from the road sides.  Lovely!


One evening the women from the potluck went down to the lake to watch the sunset.  It was lovely, but we walked away before the sun hit the horizon. 

The news still reached me.  A couple friends in Florida send me updates on the COVID case numbers in our county there.  Remember, I left just a month ago and the number of cases was less than 120.  And there had been 13 deaths.

Well, my day is shaping up.  I have the car packed with an umbrella and my exercise bands.  I am going to the park to work my upper body.  Then I am going to pick up Mary and walk with her on the Bearskin trail which is about 1/2 hour drive from here.

Thanks for checking in on me!  Now tell me what have YOU been doing or thinking this past week?


  1. I love to hear about your life. We continue to bike and distance and mask. Miss my friends and family. Stay safe

  2. I just love too read your blog, and someday maybe i will get back to exercising, right now it seems impossible with all i have too do. I think Jim is the only one left at home out off our group. never hear from anyone. Karen and I were such good friends and now that she's with PAUL i NEVER HEAR FROM HER. OH WELL I JUST HOPE SHE'S HAPPY. sO READING YOUR BLOG IS SO EXCITING TOO ME. sO LIKE I TOLD U BEFORE U ARE THE STRONGEST WOMAN I HAVE MET IN A LONG TIME. kEEP UP THE GOOD LIFE AND LOOK FORWARD TOO HEARING FROM U


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