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Wisconsin to New York again.

September 10, 2023 You should feel special because I could have given up after I lost the looong letter I wrote to you.   Then when I recreated the looong post, it must have went to most everyones junk mail or spam inbox because the open rate was down to almost zero.  I miss my friends.  I am really looking forward to reconnecting with my Florida friends.  I didn't want to leave you hanging.  I don't want to be forgotten. I want to keep in touch with you.   I am back in Wisconsin, near my Sister.  It is a rainy day.  Steve is reading a very funny book.  Every once in a while he starts laughing and laughing.   Anxious People  is the title.  And I am at my computer writing and writing and up loading pictures.   I hope I didn't bore you with all the pictures and stories of these past few days. Tomorrow we head back to New York.  Taking five days to do it.  Then we will start preparing for our third bicycle tour of the year.  Washington DC to Pittsburgh all on trail... unless a

Do Overs Are Not A Bad Thing

 It is Thursday, September 14, 2023 I have just removed my things from Steve's trailer and put them back in My truck and Weeroll. My weeroll was full of stuff because I made toom in my truck bed or Steve's bike. My home is looking  more like home now. I am at 4-mile Creek State Park Campground near Niagra Falls, NY. I will tell you why I moved my stuff out later. That has nothing to do with the do over. I noticed that my last post was way too long.  I had said I would post every day of our bike tour. That didn't happen for so many reasons, time, energy, lack of cell service, among them. The do-over is breaking up the post into smaller, hopefully more iinteresting posts So here goes. Cooling off in Spring Green, Wisconsin Hurricane Idalia missed our friends' homes and Steve's house in Florida.  Yay!  Though there was a lot of damage in our county (Citrus) along the coast from the surge.  I hope you and yours are OK. I posted something on Facebook about our hike on Mt

Hot Times in Spring Green, WI

Hello!  The weather is crazy, I hope you are safe and well. Before I get to telling you where we are and what is going in, I have to tell you a story that I forgot to share last time. The 3% grade up to the tunnels on the Elroy Sparta trail isnt steep but it can be long.  To avoid bordom, I pulled up one of my audio books on my phone and let it play.  The book I was listening to was Demon Copperhead .  It was recommended by a Sister on the Fly.  So far it is about a boy put into the foster care system. I don't have my headphones with me.  I just play the book. The trail wasn't busy.  Steve was riding well ahead of me most of the hill. Anyway, when I reach the Tunnel I dismount, turn on my bike lights, and start walking my bike through the tunnel.  I must have been deep into the tunnel because it was very dark when I noticed I had forgotten to turn off the book. You can imagine as I get into the tunnel how the narration is reverberating off the walls and seems quite loud.  But i

It is magical!

 I said I wasn't going to write to you again until I got back to New York in September.  But, I couldn't do it.  It's too long a time to not touch base. I am excited for my friends Jim and Ann at are also traveling this summer.  They have made their way from Florida up through California and into Oregon.  They are spending time in each lovely place and enjoying the views.  We reach out to each other once in a while and send a couple pictures. Then I think of my friends that are working their way through health challenges and I send them love and Tinkerbell sparkles. Last I wrote to you I was near Niagra Falls in New York.  I was about to cut through Canada to arrive back in the USA north of Detroit.  I was worried about the crossing and my dog spray (pepper spray).  Well, as usual with worry, it was wasted energy.  I went early in the morning and they asked me if I had any weapons. Rather than explain my kitchen knives and pepper spray, I said, "Nope!"  Is that a