Sunday, May 22, 2016

Day-0... Get ready

The fridge is cleaned out.  The items to load into the car are mostly packed and sitting on the living room floor.

Tomorrow we launch our 3-month awesomely amazing adventure in celebration of our 40th wedding anniversary.  George was diagnosed with dementia, possibly Alzheimer's last year, I have planned this trip as our "last hurrah" together.

The goals:

  • Enjoy the journey.  Don't just push to the next destination, but enjoy the people, the sites, the experiences along the way;
  • Have so much fun that we don't get homesick for our friends and neighbors back home;
  • Keep the costs down!  3 months is a long time on the road, and we aren't camping.  We are staying with Evergreenclub members (a travel club) and with friends and family... A couple of Air bnb's, a KOA or two, an occasional discount motel.  Picnics instead of restaurants as much as we can while still making an occasional restaurant visit to experience a town.
  • Ride new trails and re-experience old trails with our recumbent trikes.

We just got a call from one of the places we are staying in Colorado.  She was just confirming that she will be having us stay at her place to watch her house and her cat while she travels elsewhere.  Free accommodations in exchange for some yard work plus we get a friendly cat to pet! 

Our story is soon to be available on Amazon.  Launch is tentatively schedules for on or around February 1, 2019.  To keep reading, look for Alzheimer's Trippin' With George by Susan Straley.

After our 3 month trip ended and we returned home, I continued to post occationally to keep friends and family abreast of our life as George loses more of himself to the brain disease.  The continued story will also be on Amazon around February 1, 2019.  Please join us on this amazing, heart breaking and heart warming experience:  Alzheimer's Trippin' With George - The Journey Continues.

A Miracle and a Good Laugh

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