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Day-0... Get ready

The fridge is cleaned out.  The items to load into the car are mostly packed and sitting on the living room floor. Tomorrow we launch our 3-month awesomely amazing adventure in celebration of our 40th wedding anniversary.  George was diagnosed with dementia, possibly Alzheimer's last year, I have planned this trip as our "last hurrah" together. The goals: Enjoy the journey .  Don't just push to the next destination, but enjoy the people, the sites, the experiences along the way; Have so much fun that we don't get homesick for our friends and neighbors back home; Keep the costs down!  3 months is a long time on the road, and we aren't camping.  We are staying with Evergreenclub members (a travel club) and with friends and family... A couple of Air bnb's, a KOA or two, an occasional discount motel.  Picnics instead of restaurants as much as we can while still making an occasional restaurant visit to experience a town. Ride new trails a