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Joy is a Choice

 Hello, I am glad I went to Jean's to help her with the paperwork.  She appreciated my efforts and she paid me!  There will be more work coming once I am back home. And the frosting on the cake was that I had fun spending time with her and Keith and meeting some of her friends,  The campground that I was going to stay at rejected me because I didn't have a "certified RV" sticker on my trailer.  So I plugged in and put up my portable sink in Jean's driveway.  It worked out well for me, Jean and Keith were very hospitable, and, as far as I know, no neighbors complained. I worry that my winter RV park might have some similar policy that requires the "RV Certified" thing.  I don't think so, though, because my friend is staying there in a re-modeled van. I left Jean's before the sun rose on Monday and crossed the border into Florida by late afternoon.  I saw scrub woodlands, it got hot out, I got bit by no-see-ums, and stung by fire ants.  I thought b

Flexible Life, Plans Change

Greetings from Mississippi, "Wait.... what? You are in Mississippi?" you may ask. Yes, I am. Last I wrote you I had a wonderful plan.  After riding the New River Trail in Virginia, I would attend a Sisters On The Fly (SOTF) event on the border of Virginia and Kentucky.  Then to the Virginia Creeper Trail starting at Whitetop Mountain, then I would make my way to Myrtle Beach and then meet up with friends to ride Jekyll Island.   A great plan with some great places to visit and some friend time too. And I was living the plan.  I was at Breaks International State Park with the some Sisters.  Then I got a call from my friend Jean in Mississippi.  She just got a bunch more clients and was asking if I could come help her with all the paperwork involved. She treats trauma victims with a special treatment called EMDR.  And she is good at it and helps people.  What better task is there for me? The timing was perfect because I was just thinking that I was done being a tourist.  I have

Lovely Hike and Bike and Camp

 Dear Friends and Family, What sights!  They take my breath away. After I last posted I searched for a trail near me and found one only three miles away.  Wow, was it ever a pretty trail!  It started out going through a tunnel through Mountain Laurel. Then steps down to a falling creek (or "run" as they call them around here). The ground covered with colorful leaves and some snowing down in front of me.  There were trees and mosses growing on giant rocks. Golden leaves  were floating on a crystal clear stream. There were lots of pretty and interesting fungus/mushrooms. And the walk was just the right length. I hooked up my trailer that night and on Sunday I pulled out of my site 63 at Chestnut Ridge Campground by seven a.m. Google said it would only take me four hours to get to my destination.  I knew better.  I gave my next campground host in Fries, VA and estimated arrival time of two or three p.m.  As it turned out, I didn't even make that.   Why?  Well there were lots