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Fall in West Virginia and Things are Looking Up!

 Hello from West Virginia, I have spent a whole week getting back into routine and feeding myself better foods after our 10-day ride from Pittsburgh to DC.   It took about four days before I started to feel like myself again.   Keys I called the Chrysler Dealer Service Center in Morgantown, WV to see if they could fix my car or my fobs.   But I had to leave them a message and they never called me back.   I went there, but their parking lot was packed, and I knew there was no way they would get to me. So for several days I either left my car unlocked or did the quick open the door and get the key in the ignition to turn off the alarm.   I was down to three loud honks.   The other day I put a new battery in one of my fobs.   I tried it with a little hope, but nothing happened.   I concluded it must be something inside the car.   The next morning it was still dark at 7 a.m. when I went to get in my car at the campground. Dang, I had locked it without thinking.   So a quick thr

In Bicycle Tour Recovery Mode

 Hello Dear Friends and Family, I am in a library in Cheat, West Virginia.  There isn't cell service in my campground, so I have to drive to a location each day.  This is the first time I have opened up my lap-top since we started our bicycle tour on September 21st.  It is like coming back home. I just looked back at some of the posts from my trip and they are terrible!  I didn't have much time, energy, or cell service each day.  Plus I didn't have my lap-top and was trying to blog on my little Iphone, which wasn't cooperating.  Those are my many excuses for sending out such bad posts.  Sorry, thanks for following along anyway. I hope to go back and fix some of those posts.  Maybe I will add pictures and stories to them and then share the links back to them.   I think that might be best to keep it all in chronological order... for future readers. I last wrote to you the evening that we arrived in DC.  It was pretty cool riding our bikes around to the different monuments

Pittsburgh to DC by Bicycle! We did it!

 Hello family and friends! We made it to DC! No cold rain, no falls, no robberies, no bears.  We had perfect weather and great places to stay.  Lucky lucky lucky!   I will share more another day. We are in DC in a nice motel and going to leave in search of food on a minute. Some pics of what we saw today.  As usual the order of them is all mixed up. The MLK monument. Patrick that we met in Ohiopyle on this trip met us in George Town, bought us lunch, and biked around with us.  Thank you Patrick O’Brient  Shortly after we left the campground this morning we stopped at Some falls on the Potomic River. Joan got to watch the ranger open the canal gates, but I had to run to the potty. In DC we were very impressed with the Korean War Memorial. We had to bike off the canal and take a ride around a boat house to find mile marker zero. Looking down at the tow path in George Town. A kiosk told us about turning the old abandoned C&O into a National park.  I will tell you about it when I am si