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Ridge Manor to Home via the Withlacoochee Trail.

Greetings from the shade of my kitchen in Inverness, Florida, In two weeks Steve and I are flying to NY to watch the solar eclipse and visit his family.  This weekend they got seven inches of snow!   I can't remember if I purged my winter boots when I was cleaning out my storage or if they are stored up in Steve's attic.  I guess I will have to do some searching before I buy a pair.  We might even do some skiing or snow showing in the Adirondacs while we are there! As you can tell from the title of this post, we made it home from our bicycle ride.  I apologize to Steve, as I did not spend a lot of time planning this trip, I guess. And our motels turned out to be a lot further apart than I had expected.  We didn't always follow the Google path.  So we had three days in a row of higher than planned days.  50-ish.  And me on a new-to-me bike seat.  Let's just say, the pain made me wonder at times why I ever thought this would be fun. Steve was a great sport, though.  A rea

Rainy Days and Sundaes

  The rain is often an invitation to go out and dance. Unless it is cold.  It is hard to stay warm when you are wet. Yesterday I read that Inverness, Florida has had many days of rain. And I thought, boy am I lucky to be here, the weather has been great! It started raining today around 11:00 a.m.  Now it is three in the afternoon it looks like it is going to continue through the night. There is music in town this evening... outside.  I think I will stay inside. I have not moved forward on book three since I got the edits back from my beta readers.  Today would be the perfect day to get going on that. And I may start today.  Though I have the whiny girl on my chest stamping her feet and saying, "I don't wanna do that!"  What is that about? I read what other people have written and I feel unworthy to put my thoughts on paper.  What am I thinking to expose my crude thoughts and language to book readers?  I know I am not supposed to compare myself to others, but isn't tha

Trippin' St. Augustine with Friends during COVID

  Hello! Hey, Verizon isn’t everywhere!   I got a new phone with a hot-spot capability so that I could hook my computer up and write to you whenever and where ever. But NOOOOOO.   Not at one of my campsites in St. Augustine and not here at Hart Springs near Cheifland, Florida. I am going to be on a podcast for AlzAuthors coming up March 15.   I will tell you more about that and other caregiver programs later. Today is a rain-all-day kind of day.   I am itching to write and catch up with you.   So I am writing this in word and then I will go to the library and copy and paste it and I hope the pictures will go with it.   Do you see pictures?   Then it worked! I know I told you before that Debra has a Weeroll too.   We have planned several camping trips together that have always gotten canceled for one reason or another.   Usually the weather, Last fall it was a hurricane hitting the part of Florida where we were supposed to be camping.   A week before we were to go campin

A Spark of Joy

  Sometimes you start moving forward or your are just plodding along with your life and then you encounter something that surprises you, thrills you, feeds your heart, and reminds you what is great about living. Heather Cox Richardson has been writing a lot about our political landscape lately, but today she paused and instead of the news she shared a picture of a woman in red, on a dock, by an old white fishing boat, playing her cello.  A bit of beauty in a world in turmoil.    I left you last time after my sister and I had visited my grandparent's homestead.   After that, I had a few fun things to do, but I felt like my summer was coming to an end.  I had all my reservations for my journey home, I had even reserved some campsites for after I get home! One day I had a date to visit some friends from Waukesha that have a summer home about an hour from my campsite in Minoqua area. Diane and Rick had visited me in Inverness a couple years ago and we went kayaking together.  On my vi