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Rolling Clouds, Rolling Forward, Rolling Solo

 I got a bunch of firewood.  My camping neighbor, Judy was going to join me for chat by the fire this evening.  But... now the wood is covered with a blue tarp and I am sequestered inside my little camper as it rains and the day's light fades. Mother's Day, when I wrote you last, I also spent some hours writing for book three.  It is rough, I have lots more work, but I think it might be ready for some other eyes to read, mark up, make some suggestions for changes.   After a beta read through and re-hash, I will send to a professional editor.  It all takes time. If you would like to volunteer to be a Beta reader and provide constructive criticisms on content and flow and mark-ups on any punctuation or grammar mistakes, let me know.  I could print it out and send you a copy somewhere along my travels.     Later on Mother's Day I went for a drive and did some sightseeing.  It was too windy and rainy to go for a float on my new SUP. Only two miles from Davis Lake is the Owl Cre