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Shorter, I Promise!

 Hello! Each time I write to you I have to read my previous post to see where I left off.  This time when I read the last post, I was thinking, "Enough Already!"   Sorry for giving you too much.  You don't have to know it all.  Geesh! It is just that as things happen, I think that I could share that moment with you.  And when I do it turns out to be too many moments.  I need to be choosier. I had a rainy day to do other stuff besides biking.  I drove to Winona where I went to Anytime Fitness and visited the historical museum.  Looking for a place to park in the downtown area I saw a sign for  "Red Mens Club", and I wondered what that was a moment.  Is there a large native american population here?  Wait, would they call themselves "red"? Then it hit me.  It was a place for angry men to gather and rant about those awful "socialists" and "libermorons" and "election fraud".  It was strategically located next to a bail bonds o

Memory Lane

The other day I woke up to a note beside my cot.  "Mail Poop!" it said.    Oh ya, I had done one of those tests to check for colon cancer and I was supposed to mail in the "sample" within 24 hours.  But I had not found a mailbox and then I had forgotten.  In the middle of the night I remembered  I needed to take care of this first thing in the morning.   Note to self, "Mail Poop!" *** One of the reasons I travel is to escape the Florida summer heat.   Today, it will be in the 90's and humid in SE Minnesota.   Fortunately for me, I have many other reasons to pull my house behind my truck all over tarnation. In Frankfort, Illinois I was in a part of the country I was raised in.  I don't much care for the flat farmland.  I always preferred the trees and hills of Wisconsin.  Of course, when I am riding a recumbent, the flat land isn't so flat. I rode my two-wheel crank-forward on the Folks On Spokes Club fundraising ride.  We started out with some