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Fort Myers Rebuild and Bye Bye Trikes

  Hey!  We are on our way! Today is our first day of my six months of travel over the summer.  Much of it I will be doing with Steve.  Hence the "we" in the first sentence.  Both of us left our respective homes this morning pulling our trailers.  We left our lovely trikes at home to rest and just have our two-wheelers with us.   I decided to go trikeless because I wanted more space for stuff in my truck bed and because I will mostly be riding gravel trails and some single track trails this season. But before I tell you about today,, I am sure you are curious about our trip to Fort Myers. We stayed at the same place we stayed in November.  Linda and Dave had added a bathroom and an outdoor sink and shower for outdoor camping guests.   The organization Matlacha Hookers got us in touch with some women that needed some small things done.  Just right for a team of two.  We cut down a tree and put up a porch railing and put up a metal shed.  It was fun and I learned some things abo