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Day 71 - Adjusting to Changes, Boulder to Broomfield

Sunday, July 31, 2016

We had breakfast in our little Airbnb Boulder "home" for the last time.  I laid out the plan to George.

We have to take our shoes off when we are enter the apartment.  So here is the plan:

We pack up and set everything outside the door.

Then we put our shoes on and put everything in the car.

Then we come back and take our shoes off and clean.

"Sounds like a good plan," he said. 

Packing and piling and stuffing the car went well.

We went back in the house and cleaned the kitchen, bathroom, and together we made the bed.  George was always a great kitchen cleaner, so he volunteered to do that.  He forgot to wipe off the table and the shelf, forgot to clean the fridge.  I did it, no problem.

The owner had washed the cover for the quilt.  So I had to figure out how to put the quilt back into the cover.  I figured it out and was quite proud of myself... George had a hard time helping me.  I had to redo his work on the quilt, I had to show him how t…

Day 70 - Are the keys on Banjo Billy's Bus in Boulder, Colorado????

Saturday, July 30, 2016

Wow, 70 days on the road.

After breakfast and blogging, George asked if I had found my keys yet. 

"No," I said.  "After I get done writing I will probably have to find a Chrysler dealer and ask for help."

After I was done writing I started gathering stuff up.  Camera, purse, books to give away, letters to mail, laundry to wash.  While I was doing that, George went out and moved the trikes from the back hard to the driveway.  Fortunately I had a tube of sun guard on the bikes.  The other tube was in the car.  We couldn't get in the car...

Then my phone rang.  It was a gal from Banjo Billy's Bus Tours.  I had called them last night and left a message.  Good news, they have my keys!  I can meet the bus the same stop by the Boulderado Hotel at 11 a.m.  After  I hung up I jumped up and down and cheered.  You'd think George would have figured out what the call was about, but he didn't know so I told them the keys were found and we …