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Hey Hey Hey! Happy Holidays!

 I love that you are with me in spirit right this moment.   I feel the glow. A neighbor at my RV Park who is a Florida Gator fan got this cute Christmas Decoration from her Gransdon.  It lights up at night. May you be blessed with some pain-free days and good nights of peaceful sleep (can you tell I am getting old?), lots of warm hugs and laughter, positive thoughts and good news, and of course fun, fun, fun in the next few weeks as we slide into 2024.  Time seems to go faster and faster as the years go by.   Tonight, Steve and I are hosting our first Christmas Eve party together.  We have some of his friends from his neighborhood coming, and some of our bicycle friends are coming.  And even, Joan who we met briefly in North Carolina at Oscar Blues Brewery is coming with her son from Zephyr Hills, FL!   We attended another large Christmas Party with many of our biking friends in attendance.  We did a white-elephant gift exchange of $10 gifts.  Steve got these cute socks. We had a littl

Bicycle Tour Da Falls… or Not

 I decided to bike to some water falls.  When I googled waterfalls near me, there were quite a few.  It appeared the closest one in the cluster was Kakabika Falls near Watersmeet and White City. I packed up last night and then put my bike bags in the van so I could get an early start.  Google said the falls was 44 miles away and then I have to bike to a campsite which is another 12 miles. This morning I was up and loading the bike by 6:00 a.m. a bit nervous.  I am used to using googlemaps for getting around.  But what happens if I need to re-configure my route and I don't have cell service?  I don't have a paper map, and if I did, even the detail maps don't tell me what roads are passable or bike friendly. Last night I made a turn-by-turn list for me to follow.   First I moved the van to make it harder to steal Lilac if some bad person was so inclined.  I almost knocked over the bike!   Starting from the campground I couldn’t get around doing some miles on Hwy 51.  A

You Can Be A Wellness Tripper

It has been at least 12 days since I last wrote to you. There have been many moments when I am just thrilled to be where I am and doing what I am doing.  This is new for me.  Outside of taking care of George, I have always wondered if I should be doing something else.    It may be a side-effect of COVID distancing that I don't feel rushed to be or do something more than I am at the moment.  That is a wonderful feeling. While I wasn't writing to you I was doing other fun stuff!    I went for a walk with my sister Mary through Rhinelander, WI and took a picture of this beautiful rock.   One day when she needed a hug I was so glad I was nearby to do just that. My friends, John and Sandy from Sussex, WI came to visit!  They stayed at a different campground because this campground office/tavern proudly doesn't follow COVID-19 safety guidelines. I had thought about going to that campground next year, but they are strict about having an RV-Certified sticker on your trailer.   Sinc

Perspective Adjustment - Nature Heals Us

Friday, May 8, 2020 I am grateful for nature.  There are few things that raise my spririt up more than seeing something rare in nature and soaking up a beautiful day.   Especially if I have someone with whom to share the experience. So I am going to tell you all about my totally awesome day I had recently. I am also grateful for wonderful neighbors and friends that lift my spirits and sometimes they help me move heavy furniture, loan a tool or volunteer to assist with something. I will tell you all about THAT too.  But first I need to talk a bit to those folks in the future who will be reading this and wondering what is going on in the world at this time. We Are Living at the Beginning of COVID-19 Historical Perspective 2020 It is easy for us baby-boomers who have lived most of our lives with freedom of movement and freedom to express our opinions to fall into a self-pity party during this time.  We have lived in a period of economic growth for most of our lives. When