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Blessed With Lovely Home Town Encounters

 Hello, I am so so grateful to be healthy and feeling so so blessed with the wonderful people that surround me. The photo below was taken by John L. on my first ride back with the Withlacoochee Bicycle Riders.  I thought I looked pretty spiffy and happy.  So of course I am going to share it with you. Hurricane Ian Help Hey, it isn't too late if you want to join in the effort to clear some places for the people affected by Hurricane Ian.   I am leaving here on Saturday, Nov. 5th, to go to Fort Myers where I will camp for six or so days.  If you so inclined and want to join us for a day or two or all six, let me know!  You have to have your own lodging though, or a self-sufficient camper.  I have a place for you to park a camper while helping out. Steve is volunteering also,  He is bringing a couple chain saws and laupers and rakes.  I have never operated a chain saw, this should be interesting!  We will see what we are getting into when we get there. Whatever it takes.   I went to t