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Myrtle Beach by Tricycle

 Greetings from the beach at Myrtle Beach State Park, It was just over 300 miles from our campsite in Okefenokee Swamp to our campsite in Myrtle Beach State Park.  My rule is no more than 300 miles a day, my bad. I was driving when Steve used his phone to find us a place to get Pizza.  It turned out to be a pizza and coffee shop.  And they don't start serving Pizza until 4:00.  So we each got a sandwich instead.  Pizza is still on our agenda.  Maybe on a biking day... The place had some interesting art work.  This piece reminded me of one of El Towle's paintings that I have a print of hanging in Steve's house. Our site at Myrtle Beach State Park cost $85 per night.  I think that is the most I have ever paid for camping.  Steve commented that hotel rooms probably go for over $200 in Myrtle Beach.   It was a nice park with lots of vegetation,  lots of beach access and fishing piers. The pathways to the beach were bordered with wildflowers. When we arrived we saw a man taking

Six-Month US Tour Starts In Florida

Greetings from Fort White, Florida, We did it.  Despite mishaps and some angst, I am still feeling some angst, we have begun our 2024 Travels. Angst Last year we traveled together but I had Big Blue (my truck) and Lilac (my camper) with me.  And though I moved stuff into Steve's trailer and stayed with him, on travel days I was driving Big Blue on my own, and I had all the stuff that I don't use very often in my truck and trailer nearby. This is our first full season traveling with one truck and one trailer.  I am trying to adjust.  Steve is very accommodating and a good partner for this trip.  It's just me, worrying. And maybe some of the angst is world news, the US 2024 elections, and some of it is worrying about my son.   He just changed jobs and then in a few days he got laid off from the new job making him un-eligible for unemployment because he had not worked there long enough.  He will be fifty this year and I still worry.  So if you know of any jobs.  Here is a bit