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Marijuana and Alzheimer's

Isn't it a trip? I have news on the new camper-trailer and a report on the Big Honkin' Trike Rally but that comes later. Because I am thinking I need to score some weed.  Not much, just a leaf to stick in my smoothie each day. You see, I goofed up and it turned out to be fortuitous.  I went to the dentist for Xrays.  I grabbed the Discover Magazine and sat and read.  I was grateful for the relaxing time and the learning.  The article about the medicinal studies being done with weed was in the March/April 2020. I sat for 1/2 an hour reading before the woman at the counter told me that my was appointment had been at 10:30 and not at 11:30 when I had arrived.  I think they must have called me to change the time when I wasn't by my paper calendar.   Yes, I am one of those old folks that still uses a paper calendar instead of my Google or my Outlook Calendar.  It is silly, I got caught with a few mistakes on the electronic calendar and so I just don't trust my

The Dam Is Broken - Decisions Flow!

I am really surprised at how easy life and decisions can become once you decide on a path and start down it. I still agonize a bit over decisions, I still hit major obstacles.  But wow, I have made some major decisions (to me) and I don't feel a lot of regret or angst.  Isn't it a hoot that at 66 we can still get a thrill out of life's challenges and twists and we still struggle and worry for naught? Of course it helps to have supportive folks offering to help. Speaking of worry and stress... A fellow biker told me about a book she is reading by Mayo Clinic.  Guide to Stress Free Living The biker said she is always doing something and she didn't feel that Thai Chi was as good a meditation as doing nothing.  Yet she doesn't like doing nothing. I have been saying "no" to some things I want to do because I need to have some down time.  Balance is what keeps me healthy. I want to do so much, but my parents and then George were the ones to hold me

Decision Freeze and Then BAM! Shazam!

STUCK IN THE WHINE I want to warn you, this first part may sound whiney.  I have a little kid that sits on my shoulder and whines on and on and on. "I don't want to," she whines. But before I talk about that and lose your interest, please vote!  No, this isn't a political plea.  My book cover was nominated for cover-of-the-month.  And I need folks to vote for THE JOURNEY CONTINUES.  Click here and vote .   I think we only have a few more days to vote, so do it now. Ok, now back to my indecisiveness and the whiner on my shoulder... Decisions sometimes come hard.  I was talking with a fellow Dementia Diva Widow and she said she is lost, she just doesn't know who she is or what or where she wants to be.  I could relate.  I heard in her voice the echo of my whine. This feeling is very familiar to me. Some people try something in sixth grade and know that thing is what they want to do for their career.  For George it was Drafting Class in High Scho