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Sometimes, We Vacation from our Vacation-Life

Greetings from Inverness, Florida. For those of you reading this in the future, in this week in time, the Republican primary elections are underway.  Donald Trump vs Nikki Haley are in a race to be the nominee for the Republican candidate for President in 2024.   Birders are talking about an absense of the normal amount of birds at their feeders.  Someone said an unusual circling of red-headed ducks was observed over the Mackinaw Bridge in Michigan. The period of inflation following COVID has slowed way down to almost normal levels, unemployment is down to about 4%, and the murder rate is down.  That is all good news. In Florida we have had a long stretch of colder weather and cloudy skys.   When the sun came out today with temps in the 50's 60's and 70's, we were very happy. The picture below was taken on a ride on a day when the temps were between 45 and 55 during our ride. We were pretty bundled up with long underwear and layers.  We joked that folks up north, experienci

Plans Change and We Go With the Flow

I am at a park in Lockhaven, PA.  It's a gorgeous day, but I will have to move soon.  The playground/park where I am sitting doesn't have an electric plug in the shelter. I was going to write to you from the cafeteria at the University here.  After finding a place to park, I learned it was graduation day and now officially the summer season when the cafeteria is closed. So plan B was a stop at Wendy's for a breakfast sandwich and to a park with electricity.  Strike two. So much for that idea. I drove to town this morning because I have zero, zilch, nada cell service at (or anywhere near) the campground where I am staying. The good news is I am not a parent of young children right now.  As I write I am listening to and watching the parents of a two children, (three and four year old?) that are constantly fighting and having tantrums.  Thank goodness that stage of life is over, though I would have more patience at this age of my life than I did at 21... sorry Jeremy.  Now, I