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Day 37 - Lots of things to see - Kennewick, WA to White Salmon, WA via Hwy 14

Monday, June 27, 2016...  I think it is Monday anyway. What a full day of smiles and miles of travel. I worked a bit in the morning and when I went out to the diningroom,  George and our Hosts were already dining on breakfast,  I was a bit embarrassed.  I was so involved in my work I didn't even hear what was happening in the next room. I was working on the floor and my feet fell asleep.   Verna had made us quiche with onion, pepper, egg, cheese and hashbrowns that was very tasty.  (I had two slices)  She also served fruit (bing cherries are in season right now and the nectarines came from their own tree) and she served some homemade orange-cranberry muffins that were superb.  I wanted more, but already I have noticed my shorts are a more snug than when we started this journey 37 days ago. Below is a better picture of our hosts wood work slider in front of his TV.  He showed us a beautiful bowl that should be in an art gallery.  Awesome people, awesome talent and driv