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Nestled in Comfortable Friendships

Dear Friends and Family, Are you feeling blessed? Yesterday, as I was driving around exploring the Cleveland, Ohio area, it hit me once again how incredibly blessed I am. I drove there to stick my feet in yet another Great Lake on this trip.  Lake Erie is the lake that was on fire in the early 70's that spurred Congress to pass some legislation to protect our waterways.  The freedom to dump our waste into our joint waterways or on the ground is overruled by the higher cause of the common good.  I took a picture of people on the rocks next to the sign that told them not to do that.  We are so... Wow, I am so fortunate to be middle class and white and born in America during this particular era of history.  The advance in technology in just my lifetime (1950s-2020s).  And my freedom to travel comes from a societal and financial security not even imagined in some parts of the world or among the stuck or the poor in our own country. On my way driving from Michigan to here I entered a sm

Mistakes Happen, Wee Roll On

 Hola Mis Amigos y Mi Familia, I am happy! Not because I made a mistake, but that it wasn't fixable. Not because I peed my pants, I have a story to tell there. Not because it is 90 degrees again, hurray for air conditioning! But because: I am on 104 days straight of practicing my Spanish on the Duolingo App.   And even thought it is too hot to hike, I have four lines of cell service and a cool little space in my Weeroll in which I can write to you. I was able to get to an Anytime Fitness and workout today.  Since our muscles start to atrophy shortly after a workout, it is important that if I want to make progress of my fitness goals that I not neglect my workouts or I will end up starting back at the beginning. And tomorrow I head to Stow, Ohio where I will meet up with Regis and Cindy who are part of my biking family.  I am so looking forward to hearing about their summer and just hanging with them. Before I tell you about my mistake and my urethra malfunction, ha ha, let me tell