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Mushrooms, Moths, and The 100 Year Old Woman

Greetings from Wisconsin I have been having a great time at my sister's in Rhinelander. I went to Anytime Fitness to join Mary in an exercise class. When I pulled my trike up next to the building to lock it, I saw a wide variety of moths. There is a light on that side of the building that must have been on all night. And in the morning, the cool fog descended and the moths found a place to park on the side of the building. There were big ones and little ones and tubular looking ones.  There were ones that looked like leaves and ones that blended in with the brick.  I loved it! Mary had invited her friend Bettina over for lunch one day. This woman drove herself over to Mary's home, climbed the stairs to Mary's back door, and after lunch walked around the yard admiring Mary's wildflower plantings. Bettina has traveled to Boston and California this year. She turned 100 years old this year.  She attends Learning In Retirement classes and Silve