Monday, September 12, 2022

Weeroll Gathering with Glorious Sunsets on Lake Superior

 Greetings from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

This is how I posted to my blog last time I wrote you.  I don’t like spending time indoors when it is nice out, so I set up a place to write inside my clam at West Bay Camping Resort in Rhinelander, WI.

My last night in Rhinelander, my sister Mary and her husband Dave took me out to eat at Moon Dance In Sugar Camp Wisconsin.  We had a table looking out at the lake.  After supper we went down to enjoy the view a bit closer.

The next morning I hooked up the trailer and my new emergency brake cable seems to be just the right length, a bit shorter than the chains.

Sunset Bay RV Resort was only 150 miles away.  I felt no stress to get there in time for the Weeroll gathering.

I could see and hear Lake Superior from my campsite.  

I texted Mary, Terry and Steve to let them know I arrived just fine.  I wanted to share pictures with them, but here was one more great spot without good cell or WiFi.

After I got set up I walked around looking for other Weerolls.  I met Paul and Kaylee.  Paul had a rack on his Weeroll and he had solar on his roof and extra batteries to store the power.  I think he had three batteries in his extra large tongue box.

The beach here was not sand but round rocks.  Steve had told me that his wife and he walked on rocks for healthy feet.  

So later that day I walked on the rocks and sent him a picture.

Joe was one of the organizers of the event, along with Paul and Kaylee.

Both Paul’s and Joe’s Weerolls are steel.  Mine is all aluminum.

I knocked on the door of a small Weeroll.  Mark has his trailer nicely decorated with greys and whites.  He has put in a red sink in his countertop.  But it isn’t hooked up yet.

Pamela and Mike have a brand new one.  All aluminum like mine.  Theirs was the biggest.  Mike is six foot three inches so there’s is 14 foot long and 6’4” tall at least.  Still 6 foot wide like mine.

It was rainy that first day.  So I set up my clam in anticipation of a need for shelter and a place to gather.

The second night I was there we had potluck and sat around a Fire.  The conversation was rapid and flowed freely

Kaylee invited me to look for
Soda rocks with her.  I had never heard of them.  A special light shown on the rocks and the sofa
Parts glow orange.

I will show you those pictures later.  Here are some pictures I took during the trailer tours.

Pamela said these work well to keep in a cooler.  They stay frozen for two days.

The picture above is the bottom of Marks red
Sink he hasn’t connected yet.

Paul’s super fan/heater.

Joes bed set up.  Notice his is a steel
Camper with wood interior.

Joe demonstration of his double stack toilet to make it higher.

Paul and Kaylee had added ceiling panels and many shelves.

Paul customized a gas heater.

My feet in the Stones walk was painful but I walked about 30-50 feet.

Each night I go to the sunset beach to watch the sun set.

It is about sixty degrees and windy.  Google
Says Lake Superior is about 54 degrees.  Yet a young woman walked by me in her swimsuit and stayed in the
Water while the sun set.  Brrrrr!

Each night after the sunset there are people
Walking the rocks with their special lights looking for the Orange glow of the soda rock.

I went for bike rides on the roads several days as well as drove to see the sights.

It was a lovely ride into Eagle River, Michigan.  When I pulled into Eagle River there were several historal markers and lovely white buildings from the 1800's.  I was delighted whens I went to cross a pedestrian bridge and made this video.  The ride was only about 14 miles round trip.

Joe wanted to go on a tour of a copper mine.  This area is full of closed, and only one operational, copper  mines

I was interested in the history and mechanics too.

One day I hiked several miles to a scenic overlook.  Though no motorized vehicles were allowed, some ATVs had torn up some tracks and left evidence and damage all along the trail.

They even plowed through the forest around this barrier. It made my blood boil.

Then when I climbed to the vista it was cloud covered.  That’s ok, it was a great walk anyway.

After the hike I drove up Hwy 26 which lay like a Ribbon over the dunes and glacial moraines.

In Copper Harbor there were lots of dirt bicycle trails.  I took a picture of the sign below because I want to go hike there tomorrow.

On my drive around day I dined at Carmelita’s.  I felt watched.  Across the street were several gobblins peering out the windows.

The Quincy mine was the biggest and most profitable.  It started 166 years ago.

Pure copper was found in huge chunks in the area.  This is one of the smaller ones.

After my last post Jan M. Reached out to me.  She has been following my blog and is going to try to join me on my ride through Jekyll Island.  She is also going to join me and the other trikes at the trike

Rally in Xenia, OH.  

I am connecting with Steve (NY) and Terry (TN).  I am stopping to see Terry on my route home. There is a campground within walking distance of his home.  Pretty convenient.

Steve and I are already planning to camp at the same place in Delaware next year and of course he rides with our group in Florida so I will see him when he arrives down there.

Lots of exciting thing are coming up but I have a low battery now on my phone and I have to ride my bike back to camp before dark.  I gotta say goodbye for now.  

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