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Cautious Hope for Post COVID

Greetings from Inverness, Florida.   I am back home and very much enjoying springtime in Florida.  My garden is happy, the monarchs are fluttering around the milkweed and laying their eggs.  The collard greens and parsley are prolific.   And the most amazing thing is happening...bit by bit, friends are gathering, still at a distance, but with less fear.  The COVID vaccines seem to be working to reduce hospitalization, death, and even infection rates in the United States.  Though we still have a long way to go to be back to normal, hope is blooming along with the spring flowers. Before I get into the stories around me, I would like to share with you a podcast interview that I was part of.  It was launched on March 15, 2021.  Author Marianne Sciucco interviewed me this summer while I was camping in Rhinelander, WI, for the AlzAuthors' Podcast for caregivers .   *** The last time I wrote to you I was at Hart Springs Campground which is near Chiefland, Florida and the Nature Coast Rai

Trippin' St. Augustine with Friends during COVID

  Hello! Hey, Verizon isn’t everywhere!   I got a new phone with a hot-spot capability so that I could hook my computer up and write to you whenever and where ever. But NOOOOOO.   Not at one of my campsites in St. Augustine and not here at Hart Springs near Cheifland, Florida. I am going to be on a podcast for AlzAuthors coming up March 15.   I will tell you more about that and other caregiver programs later. Today is a rain-all-day kind of day.   I am itching to write and catch up with you.   So I am writing this in word and then I will go to the library and copy and paste it and I hope the pictures will go with it.   Do you see pictures?   Then it worked! I know I told you before that Debra has a Weeroll too.   We have planned several camping trips together that have always gotten canceled for one reason or another.   Usually the weather, Last fall it was a hurricane hitting the part of Florida where we were supposed to be camping.   A week before we were to go campin