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Ohio - Part One

Facebook is awful and it is wonderful.  Especially for a traveler like me that loves to connect with others and ride or just have a good conversation. Last I left you I had one day left near the Virginia Creeper Trail in Bristol, VA.   I am sure you were rooting for me to go to Grayson Highlands on my last day in the area.  Instead, I decided to stop there on my way back South to Florida in the Fall.  Maybe there will be color in late September up there. Instead I spent the day thoughtfully packing up the bed of my new truck.       And maybe I visited Anytime, I don't remember.  But at 3:30 in the afternoon I decided on a Friday night there should be music on State Street in Bristol.   I grabbed my umbrella and rain coat because it started to rain. The Virginia and Tennessee border goes right down the middle of State Street.  The street signs in the area let you know if it is a Virginia Street or a Tennessee Street. Near where I parked there was a creek and several families of gees