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Barnes and Noble

September 20, 2023 Today I noticed that the blog posts from our travels in August and September arrived in your inbox out of order.  Whoops! Hopefully you figured it out when the last two arrived out of order. I had wrote that you probably would not hear from me until we returned to Florida in November.  But, again as usual, things happen differently than we plan.   We decided once we got to Steve's house that it would be rushing ourselves to spend over 10 days riding the GAP trail and the C&O trail before we head to Florida.   We were ready to be in one place for a while.  So we canceled our bike trip! I don't have regrets.  I am hoping we will do at least the GAP trail in a couple years. In one place, we can attend to banking and washing our trucks and trailers and getting the yard ready for Steve's absence over the winter and next summer. And be here to visit his fun mother who is having health problems. We are planning on fun while we are here too.  Maybe a two day

Wedding and Exploring in Washington

At our Bloomington, MN hotel checkout time we turned in the key and got into the shuttle van. I reached for my phone, it wasn't  there!  We were the only ones in the van.  I asked the van driver to wait a minute.  I raced in, ran past the front desk where fortunately our keys were still sitting there.  I  grabbed one and dashed (literally ran) to our room.  No phone. I returned the key and got back in the van.  Steve asked if I used the public restroom in the motel that morning.  Yes!   I asked the van driver to stop, he had only gone about 50 feet.  He stopped, I jumped out and ran again.  As soon as I opened the restroom door I heard my phone ringing.  It was Steve calling me to help me locate the phone.  Yay!  I found it!  I dashed back to the van, thanked the driver and Steve.  Steve and I both sighed. We flew to Seattle on Sun Country Airlines.  The seats were tight and they didn't offer any free movies or snacks.  I mention this because on the way back we had a Delta flig