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New York on My Own


September 14, 2023

We got to Four-mile Creek in New York yesterday after driving each of our trucks and trailers through Canada from north of Detroit to South of Buffalo.

We enjoyed a stroll and then went to Youngstown to the Stone Jug tavern where there was live music and open Mic night.  At one point I smiled and turned to Steve.  

"Why are you smiling," he asked.

"I love doing this kind of stuff with you," I said.

"Me too," he said, and my smile grew.

Late last night, Steve got a text.  His mom had an infection and was back in the hospital.  Steve felt the desire/need to stay with me and the desire/need to go home and oversee his Mom's care.  We are only a day away from his New York home.

He waffled and was having a hard time deciding.  I finally said, "Go, I want a day to myself in LILAC."

At first the task felt overwhelming to get all my stuff out of Steves trailer and into Lilac.

My poor Lilac has been neglected.  I noticed that one of the door latches in back that was installed too low, finally got hit too many times and snapped off.

But once I started, it felt good to set up the Weeroll again.  I spent the morning doing laundry and straightening.  I am looking forward to the rest of my day here.

Now I am getting on my bicycle and going for a ride and finding a late lunch.

Keep in touch with those you love.  But don't run on and on and on with all the stories you have to tell in one sitting.  It is too much! And you may not get to do-over like me.



  1. Hope Steve’s mom is better soon. He is such a good son to be available to help her.


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