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Do Overs Are Not A Bad Thing

 It is Thursday, September 14, 2023

I have just removed my things from Steve's trailer and put them back in My truck and Weeroll.

My weeroll was full of stuff because I made toom in my truck bed or Steve's bike.

My home is looking  more like home now.

I am at 4-mile Creek State Park Campground near Niagra Falls, NY.

I will tell you why I moved my stuff out later.

That has nothing to do with the do over.

I noticed that my last post was way too long.  I had said I would post every day of our bike tour. That didn't happen for so many reasons, time, energy, lack of cell service, among them.

The do-over is breaking up the post into smaller, hopefully more iinteresting posts

So here goes.

Cooling off in Spring Green, Wisconsin

Hurricane Idalia missed our friends' homes and Steve's house in Florida.  Yay!  Though there was a lot of damage in our county (Citrus) along the coast from the surge.  I hope you and yours are OK.

I posted something on Facebook about our hike on Mt. Baker in Washington.  A friend commented, "Wait, what? I thought you were in Wisconsin."  

Well, yes, that too...

Last I wrote to you, we had just biked into Spring Green, WI.  And got a motel room because it was so hot.

We were very glad we spent two nights in the motel room at the Round Barn Inn. 

One evening it was still 97 degrees at 9:00 pm.  

We didn't ride to the free music at American Players Theater, it was just too hot to sit outside.

Spring Green is on the Wisconsin River.  Steve said he learned it delivers more silt/sand to the Mississippi than any other river.   Each time we saw the river it had ribbon's of wide sand bars.  We saw people wading across the water with their sun umbrellas and lawn chairs to spend hours in the middle of the wide river.

I had a tour booked through Taliesin for us.  Taliesin was one of Frank Lloyd Wright's schools and homes.

The flooring in the school was made from slices of plywood stood on end and glued together.

Surprisingly, the architect used a lot of plywood in the buildings and furniture.

Wright was notorious for not paying those who did work for him.  No one knows the reason for the wrong and scratched out date, replaced with another wrong date, but I can imagine...

The windmill was functional and is called Romeo and Juliet.  The pointed Romeo diverts the wind and the Round Juliet still stands, though the design was mocked by practical farmers.

A burning question on my mind, "Was the story in the book, Loving Frank true?  It tells the story of the mistress and two children that were burned in a fire at Taliesin."

Our guide said that it was the truth, an employee burned a building or some buildings to the ground with the mistress and two children inside.

Tomorrow we leave this river valley.  It is still hot but promises of cooler nights means we will be OK to camp.

More later...


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