Monday, March 25, 2019

Alzheimer's Trippin' Book Launch Celebration

Wow, so much has been happening, my head is spinning!

Thanks for tuning in and joining me on this great new adventure, where-ever it takes us.


On Thursday, March 21,st the Kindle downloaded to 37 devices.  I think Amazon MIGHT have taken notice because today I got an automated email trying to sell me the book under "New Release".

One friend, Margaret C., made a video early in the morning the day of the Kindle launch.  Fun!  Thank you!  Here's the link.


First of all I would like to thank everyone that came out and made the Book Launch Celebration awesome.  Well attended, great people helping make it great with smiles, and pictures, and shares on their social media.

The launch was held at Cattle Dog Coffee Roasters in downtown Inverness, Florida, USA on Saturday, March 23, 2019.

I cried a couple times.  It is seeing people I haven't seen in a while who were instrumental in supporting me or us.

One was when I saw Karon W.  She and I and Dianne T. were Dementia Divas together at Memory Lane  Then her husband passed, then Dianne's husband passed and then George passed -- all within 5 months' time.  After George passed I spent a couple nights at her house and a night at Dianne's.  We are now... I don't know what to call us, ex-dementia divas?  Wacky widows?

When Karon showed up, we hugged and I cried because I suddenly remembered us sitting together as women who had recently lost our husbands to dementia and we set goals for moving forward in our lives  Her goal was to get a job she loves, and she did.  Mine was to turn the blog into a book, and I did!  Wow, emotions were soaring.

At the event my former boss, Theressa Foster West volunteered MLE to come sing for us at the event.  She was actually pretty good and was a nice background to the buz of conversations.  Thank you, Theressa and MLE.  You made me look like I had it all together!

I heard from several people that they had read the book and were now getting a copy to give to a family member or friend who is faced with the caregiving role.

GUESS WHAT!!!  I sold out of books!  That was ok because as soon as I sold the last one, people stopped coming up to buy them.  Perfect! 

And you know what?  It was even those that wanted the Sunset Cover and those that wanted the Joy/Convertable Cover.  See, I wasn't crazy after all, not being able to decide.  They are both great covers.

I took a chunk of the proceeds and donated it immediately to Debbie Selsavage right on the spot for her work at Coping with Dementia.   Since the book was published it has raised over $200 for Coping with Dementia and $180 for the Memory Lane Support Group.  I have also donated copies to the Alzheimer's Family Organization in Kentucky that was having an auction fundraiser.  

Here is a video mix taken before and after the event on Saturday and Sunday.

MONDAY - March 25, 2019

Today I was going to our Memory Lane Support Group.  I was to sit in the group an hour and then go to a room to celebrate the launch of the book.   The group was very helpful to us.  There are volunteers that entertain and work with those with dementia while the caregivers meet in a different room.

I was supposed to have books available for a donation to raise funds for Memory Lane (and to reimburse me for the costs).   But as I said, I SOLD OUT on Saturday so I didn't have a single book to sell.   I called to track the package and even went to the Post Office to try to get the package in time for the event.  No luck.

I had to leave at 11:30 for the event.  Just as I was getting in the car, the postal truck pulled up in front of my house.  I almost hugged the postwoman!  She put the box right in my trunk.  Yeah!

It's the love, the universal love, luck, fate, God.  Insert your word.  I know that I am feeling so blessed and guided and driven.  It is meant to be.

Karen Kline who heads up the coordination of the group got a cake for the event  When I saw it, I cried.  Bright orange -- So George!

One of the volunteers told me she had picked up the book and was just going to read a few pages and found she just couldn't put it down.  I did a little dance!  Makes me so happy to hear that! 

When it was time to go into the party room and speak, the first person I saw was one of my biking friends, Wanda!  What fun!  She promised... remember, Wanda???--  She said she would, get a picture of her Dragon boat team with the book. 

I am loving the pictures that are coming in.  Be sure to take a picture of the book and you or someone or something and post it to your facebook page or on twitter and tag me, Susan Straley.  The first twenty pictures gets a free copy of the next book when it comes out.. about our continuing journey after the big 10,000 Mile trip.  So far I have 14 submissions.  I will make a slide show of them and include them in the next blog post so you can see if you aren't on Facebook.

If you ARE on Facebook go to the group Susan Straley Writes and join.  Then you will see the pictures as I try to share the photos there when I get them.  We have been having so much fun!

Thanks for Trippin' with me.

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Only One Day to the Alzheimer's Trippin' Kindle Book Launch!

Happy Wednesday, March 20, 2019.  Tomorrow, tomorrow, I love you tomorrow... you're only a day away.

I had great news yesterday, two rockstars in the recumbent riding world ordered my Kindle book and announced it on Facebook.

I have 34 Kindle books pre-ordered now.  I don't know if that is enough to excite Amazon into helping promote the book.

If you order the book or the kindle, share the news on your Facebook page and tag me.  Share on Instagram and twitter too while you are at it!

When I see it on Facebook, I will share it on the group "fan" page, Susan Straley Writes.

Larry Varney, who takes great pictures and plays Santa at Christmas time announced he ordered the kindle book.  Then Sylvia Halpern also visited the fan page and said she ordered the Kindle.  We visited Sylvia and I write about it in this first book.  We saw her both in Portland and in Idaho during our time at the Trike Rally.  She does a lot of touring on her trike by herself in amazing places.  She films it with her go-pro and takes pictures with her drone, it is fun to travel with her on her blog/vlog.

I am hoping they will send in pictures or video of themselves reading the kindle or talking about the book or whatever.  I have three pictures sent in so far.  The first 20 people to send in a picture or video of them or someone or something with the book for the next book trailer will receive a gift of the second book, Alzheimer's Trippin' with George - The Journey Continues.  So post a picture or video on your social media and tag me, Susan Straley.

If you aren't on social media you can email me directly.  When I try to put a link to my email address I am warned I am opening myself up to spammers.  So here is my address in code... Susan at susanstraley  dot      com

This is it!  I will be busy with the launch tomorrow so I won't be posting.  I will be back with a post after the 23rd with pictures and updates to let you know how these parties went and kindle sales.


Here is one of the pictures I have so far..  Thank you, Barbara!

 I received two more pictures but the keep coming in sideways, no matter how much I turn them.

Kindle with Sunset Cover:  

Kindle with Joy Cover

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Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Coming in 2 Days - March 21, 2019 - Alzheimer's Kindle Book

Good Morning on this Tuesday morning.

Only two days to the launch of the book, Alzheimer's Trippin' with George on Amazon Kindle.  

It has taken me well over 3 hours to create this video for you. 

I was low energy to start but it picks up, so hang in there.

If you are just visiting this page for the first time and want to follow the continuing journey of this old lady publishing her first and second books, riding bike, and traveling... Click the Join tab above to be notified each time Susan posts and update.

Until Tomorrow!

Monday, March 18, 2019

Only 3 Days to Alzheimer's Kindle Book Launch

Good morning!  Only 3 days to the launch of the first Trippin' book, Alzheimer's Trippin' with George, Diagnosis to Discovery in 10,000 Miles.

I am up REAL early again this morning.  Too much excitement.  That's ok, I can get this post launched before heading over to the clubhouse for exercise and yoga.

Here is the link to the Laidback Bike Report.  The audio for me was awful!  I need a new computer.  Something I will have to invest in after the launch and all the activity after the launch.  I am afraid of switching right now.  But maybe I should just for these kinds of opportunities... on-line interviews.

A few months ago I arranged to have a service notify bloggers about the book launch.  They will be calling for interviews and posting about the book the week after the launch. 

My former neighbors are hosting an event in celebration of the book launch on Thursday morning at their clubhouse.  And later in the day my friends Kiersten and Denis will be arriving from Victoria Canada!  It will be great to see them.   It will be fun to see pictures of their grandkids.  They are flying in and won't have their trike with them so I am asking around to see if they can borrow a couple trikes for a few days.  Got trikes??? or a trike?

Comment below or on my Youtube Channel.

I am getting likes on the new page on Facebook.  Thanks to all who liked the page, Trippin' with Susan.

Sunday, March 17, 2019

Alzheimer's Book Launch Count Down Day 4

Hello!  It is Day 4 of the countdown to the launch of the Amazon Kindle version of the book.  Watch and then there are links below. And Share Share Share!  Thank you!

Be sure to share this blog with anyone who loves recumbent bikes or is just now dealing with dementia in a friend or family member.  It isn't a depressing read, you will flow through the days just as we did.

Here are the links I promised in the video.

Laidback Bike Report March 17, 2019
Inverness, FL 12 Days of Cycling
Facebook Page @TrippinwithSusan
Facebook Group Susan Straley Writes
Kindle with Joy Cover
Kindle with Sunset Cover

Back again tomorrow...

Saturday, March 16, 2019

Alzheimer's Trippin' with George Book Launch Count Down Day 5

Here you go!  Count down to the book launch.  5 days left!!!!

A bit about the bike club, the Hen House Restaurant, and the City of Inverness, Florida.

Please share with those you think might benefit or enjoy reading Alzheimer's Trippin' with George.

The links to the book is below.  One book, two covers.

Sunset Cover:

Joy/Covertible Cover:

So far pre-orders on the Kindle are 26 total, 2 Sunset, 24 Joy.

See you tomorrow... well, you will see me anyway.  I will imagine seeing you.

Thanks for joining the journey.  If you didn't get the email notifications for this post.  Click the Join tab above and fill out the spaces to get added to the email list. 

Friday, March 15, 2019

Thursday, March 14, 2019

Count down to Launch - Day 7 - Alzheimer's Travel Book


I was up real early this morning.  I couldn't sleep!  I had forgotten to record the video yesterday for the Count Down to the Launch of the Kindle version of the book, Alzheimer's Trippin' with George.

This was recorded at about 4:00 this morning.

They have Youtube live and I have been meaning to try it as well as facebook live.  But I think I need to get good at presenting.  I have to cut out a lot of UMMMMM, and silent thought still from my videos.  LEARNING so much.

Anyway,  If you can share this blog pretty easy on your social media, just send them to

The front blog post will change daily during the count down.

I am debating about whether to have an open or closed group on facebook.  Right now the group is closed so that my personal page isn't full of the book focus.  But, being close means that it is harder for the members to SHARE!! and those SHARES are so important if the book is going to reach folks that are seeking what it has to offer.  If you have done this before, your thoughts would be helpful!

Comment below, or message me on Facebook.

The video is up on my channel on Youtube.

I am also looking for lessons on instagram.  I can't figure out how to get my videos up there. So much to learn.

Maybe I will see some of you on the trail!  Off I go.

Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Day 8 - Count Down to Kindle Book Launch

Wow, that day went fast!  Already only 8 days left before the Kindle Launches.

When you set a date for a kindle launch you have to have everything up and ready to go several days before you launch.  Amazon wants to make sure it can fulfill the pre-orders. So if the publisher (in this case me, the author) goofs up and tries to make changes after the deadline, Amazon will ban them from publishing ever again.

That is scary.  I have had my book up and ready to launch for a long time.  BUT now I am working furiously to not only promote the books but to go in and make the pictures bigger and crisper (more pixels).

See, what I didn't know is when you copy and paste, some of the density of the pixels is reduced.  Then Kindle provides a special software for the Kindle and that reduces the size of the pictures.  So the pictures are tiny and when I zoom in they are fuzzy. 

I am going picture by picture and I would guess there are well over 900 pictures in the first book.  So it is taking time.  In the meantime I am trying to answer email, get out and exercise and socialize, and take care of daily business of living.

It's all good.  A learning experience.  I hope to have the pictures all done if all goes well and the new kindle formated and loaded by this weekend.

Thanks for your support.  It is working, can you believe how I just sat down next to the woman who could really enjoy and relate to the book?  I love that!    Meet Janet Siegle.

My friend, Kathie Heimsoth who is also a just-published author found that her seat mate on a plane was exactly who she should share her book with and she did it.  She inspired me to hand out more books to strangers.

There is a great book called The Tipping Point .  I keep thinking that all it takes is a few of those people who champion a cause or product to be the game changer.  A point where things change.

Who knows where this will lead.


After the launch fun, I want to start preparing for a trip I am taking to the Netherlands.  My next door neighbor and friends invited me to join them and some of their friends on a bike and boat trip.  We booked it through  This is my first trip to the Netherlands.

Well, it's late.  Time to post this. 

Monday, March 11, 2019

Day 9 - Count Down to the Kindle Book Launch

I just looked at the calendar and OH MY!  Only 9 days to the launch of the Kindle version of the first book in the Trippin' series. 

I am excited!  I am going to TRY to make a video a day counting down to the launch.  Here is the first one.  Let me know what you think.  Comments are welcome.

Gosh, so much!
1) I had my friends here from Wisconsin, Mark and Jane.  We went hiking in Potts Preserve!  If you have been following this blog a while, you may have seen the video I made of us at Potts.
I was a bit nervous during the walk and let out a big cheer when we made it out ok.

I went kayaking with them from Silver Springs State Park.  It is about an hour's drive, but worth it to see this crystal clear spring fed river and the wildlife along it.  Thanks to Mark for taking the pictures.

They had a friend from Wisconsin, Tom, that came up to visit them from near Miami.  He was very nice and fun.  The picture below was something we all should fear when kayaking, getting so distracted looking at a gator that you forget that often the grass island they are laying on is there because there is a log across the stream.  He got stuck next to the hissing 5-foot gator!

2) I was invited to sell books at Trailside Bike in Floral City.  This is the bike shop I worked at a while when George had dementia.  They were very nice to me and let me bring George to work with me when I could no longer leave him alone.  The books are on display there now, and I sold one book already through them!  THANK YOU Trailside Bike!  Also, I met Gary Solomen who is a guy passionate about recumbent bikes.  He does a regular YOU TUBE video show about recumbent bicycles.  He invited me to be on his show!!!  Yes. 

So mark your calendar for March 17 and you can join the live show and post questions if you want.  The show starts at 4:00 p.m. Eastern Time.  I am not the only guest.  I hope I can get the lighting and audio right for the video.  You can always watch the show after the fact too.  That way you can fast forward through the boring parts... if there are any boring parts.  Here's the link.

3) I am experiencing more loss and some joys.  My good friend, Kathi, lost her daughter to cancer this week.  It is heart breaking yet I know that Kathi and her family were blessed with many years of fun and warm times with this joyous woman.  I too feel grateful to have known her.

In the same day that I heard about her loss, I saw on facebook that another friend from our Wisconsin Grub Club (Potluck club) was blessed with a new grandbaby.  A bit early but very healthy looking.  I loved seeing those pictures.  Thanks, Johnnie for sharing the pictures.  And congratulations Anna and Jack.

4) I learned that there are two big events happening on the same day I am having my book launch Celebration.  March 23rd at 10 a.m.
First - That is the same day as the Clean Air Ride on the Withlacoochee Trail.
Second - Our home owner's association is meeting for an important vote.  I already filled out my proxy vote.

5) I am driven to keep working to make this book series able to reach as many people as possible.  So I am missing out on a lot of social stuff and biking outings.  But NOT ALL of them.  I am still taking care of myself with biking and gatherings.  Maybe I will see you on the trail or at an event soon.

DON'T FORGET to send me you pictures of you or someone reading the book!  I want to make a video of people, animals, things, enjoying the book.  Make it light and fun.  You can even do little video.  Everyone who submits a picture or video of themselves or someone reading the book will receive a free copy of the 2nd book.  Alzheimer's Tripping with George - The Journey Continues.

DON'T FORGET the price of the Kindle goes up after it launches.  ON SALE NOW for only $2.99.

Link to the Kindle Sunset cover: 

Link to the Kindle Joy cover:

A portion of the author’s proceeds on the sale of this book will be donated to organizations providing support to Alzheimer’s caregivers.

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