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Bugs, Bike Game, Bride, and Building Project

Saturday, 10/5/19 On the last post I left off that I had just arrived in Waukesha, Wisconsin and rode, dined and stayed with Mark and Jane. I hope to add to that.  It has been a crazy couple of days.  I lost my wallet! All my cards, my ID, some cash, gone, gone, gone. But that is a long way from Waukesha, friends and family. So I will start where I left off, with my first full day in Waukesha. September 27th, 2019, I attended a wedding!  It was beautiful and fun and more.  That was in the afternoon. In the morning I went for a walk.  I saw that Wisconsin milkweed, though it looks different than Florida milkweed, gets the same bugs.  Mark got a game for Father's Day called Flamme Rouge? It is a bicycle game!  Each player gets a sprinter and a roller.  You utilize drafting behind other riders and being at the front is harder...  like real bike racing.  But it is unlike real life bicycling because I won, and that would never happen on our real bikes.  Both Mark