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Liberated Widow's First Date and Other Ramblings

Sunday, 1/12/2020 Greetings! The last time I wrote to you I was just writing about the books and not about what is going on with me.  Sorry, that is what happens with a passion and project that needs to be spread to have an impact. So, what IS happening. THE GUY OK.  In the video count-down to launch of kindle version of THE JOURNEY CONTINUES , I mentioned that I got a call from a guy a week after Thanksgiving wishing me, "Happy Thankgiving".  He stuttered and was nervous (or pretended to be) and I engaged him in conversation a bit to kind of ease the tension and show him I wasn't going to bite. I didn't know what to think about this interest in me.  It is over a year and a half since George passed.  Some friends asked me if I would ever want a relationship with a man again.  I told them, "NO!" pretty fast and pretty decisive. But then this guy called and showed an interest and I started to run through my head the pros and cons. The guy eventua

Vote! Book Cover of the Month!

Happy NEW YEAR. I hope all of you had a nice time either alone or with family or friends for the holidays. May you have a great 2020.  One thing is certain, everything will NOT remain the same.  Change is coming. I will write more soon about life and such, but I wanted to get these two tidbits of news out to you ASAP. THE JOURNEY ON AUDIO! I am hoping to write more to you soon.  First, the Audio book for THE JOURNEY CONTINUES is now on Audible.  The official launch date is January 12th, but I wanted YOU to be the first to know about it. If you would like receive a free download of the audio book to listen to and you are willing to provide an honest review on two sites: Amazon, Audible, Itunes, Bookbub, Goodreads, or on your Facebook Page, please email me.  The reviews help spread the word about the books to caregivers and other readers. COVER NOMINATED, VOTE TODAY! AllAuthor website has nominated Alzheimer's Trippin' with George for Cover of the Month.