Friday, October 1, 2021

Pittsburgh to DC by Bicycle! We did it!

 Hello family and friends!

We made it to DC!

No cold rain, no falls, no robberies, no bears.  We had perfect weather and great places to stay.  Lucky lucky lucky!  

I will share more another day.

We are in DC in a nice motel and going to leave in search of food on a minute.

Some pics of what we saw today.  As usual the order of them is all mixed up.

The MLK monument.
Patrick that we met in Ohiopyle on this trip met us in George Town, bought us lunch, and biked around with us.  Thank you Patrick O’Brient 
Shortly after we left the campground this morning we stopped at Some falls on the Potomic River.
Joan got to watch the ranger open the canal gates, but I had to run to the potty.
In DC we were very impressed with the Korean War Memorial.
We had to bike off the canal and take a ride around a boat house to find mile marker zero.

Looking down at the tow path in George Town.

A kiosk told us about turning the old abandoned C&O into a National park.  I will tell you about it when I am sitting at my laptop in a week or so.
Image of the Korean War Memorial.
This monument to the women who served in the Vietnam war was new since George and I had been to DC.

Drying our gear on the mall.
Vegetables!  “I missed you!”

White flags marking over 697,000 dead from COVID.


  1. Fantastic! Congratulations. 😘

    1. Thank you! Now I start planning my trip back to Inverness and riding with you. I will be so happy be with my peeps!

  2. Enjoyed your photos of your ride from Great Falls to mp 0 (always difficult to find) and your ride around the monuments. What a contrast between the monuments to those that tried to make our country better - like Lincoln and MLK and the white flags marking so many needless deaths. Have a very safe trip back to your cars - and back home.

  3. Wow! I am so impressed! What a trip. Thanks once again for sharing your life. As usual you are missed down here.

  4. Fantastic adventure. Thank you for sharing all the great pictures. You have been missed. Looking forward to your return to Florida. Stay safe!


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