Monday, July 6, 2020

Great Illinois Road Ride to Ronald Regan's Alma Mater

July 6, 2020 Still

I am still in Goodfield, Illinois and just finished a great ride with Peggy and Denny T. and their bike buddy Dirk.  We went over rolling hills and past corn and soybean fields.

Dirk said the corn is starting to curl, they are experiencing a drought here.  Wow, seven inches of rain and flooding in Vienna, Illinois and a drought here.  He said if it doesn't rain in the next week or so the farmers would have to cut the corn for silage.

 We entered the cute town of Eureka. 

We roamed some streets and ended up at this memorial on the campus of the college.

 Denny said his dad attended this college too.  We saw one building that was marked 1894.  I think the old iron peice in the picture below which is built right into the brick wall, was holding on a downspout.  Now a new downspout sits right next to it.

We went by the corner where Denny and Peggy had their big tandem accident.  She broke her hip and her back and her collar bone.  Denny was hurt too, I think he had a concussion?  I don't remember.

At a gas station stop, Peggy and I compared PT exercises for our backs and hips.

One road we rode on was the tar and pebble surface.  I heard the tar bubbles popping under my tires.  It has been years since I have ridden over tar bubbles, I had to stop and take a picture.

 The roads were very similar to the roads that George and I rode in Illinois on our trike trip to Florida. 

 I am now far enough north I see some of the wild flowers that I don't see in Florida.  Sweet clover... little white ones in the mowed grass and lovely purple ones where the weeds are allowed to grow between the road and the corn field.

As it got to be noon we needed to cool off in the shade of some farmer's yard.

We ended up at the Busy Corner Restaurant again for a late lunch before we headed back to my place so they can see Lilac. 

Peggy insisted on buying my lunch again!  Wow!  Thank you!

Peggy calls my camper a Wee-mobile.  Maybe now Lilac has a last name.  Lilac Wee-mobile.  I like it.  My Life is Living Adventurously Camper is a Wee-mobile.

We gave long-distance hugs, Peggy gave me three books to read. 

I promised to let Peggy know my route and plans for my return trip.  They may come join me on the Root River Trail in SE Minnesota or over in Cedar Falls or Des Moines, Iowa.  Or???  It all depends on COVID and health and ... well whatever the future brings.

I forgot to tell you that yesterday on my driving day I stopped at a Lowes somewhere and got two items for my kitchen sink.  

One items was an extension piece for the faucet.  It extends out about four or six inches so I can add a bulky on/off valve after that.   The faucet still can click in place yet I can use the valve part to shut off the flow of water so the faucet doesn't drip all night.  Because if I forget to use the shut off valve the bucket will fill and overflow and waste a lot of clean water.  Last night I didn't remember to use it the shut off valve.

When Peggy, Denny, and Dirk took off, I washed my hair and hosed myself down too cool off.

My daughter-in-law is in complete isolation for a few days before she goes in for surgery.  She wants to see Lilac Wee-mobile though.  So I will stop by their place on my way to Madison, Wisconsin tomorrow.  My son Jeremy is sensitive to the heat and already got over-heated this summer.  So he is asking me to come inside on my visit.  We will mask up and visit at a distance.

Speaking of masks, I saw a YouTube video that demonstrated the effectiveness of each mask type.  The cone shape that stands off from the mouth and is store-bought is the most effective.  I will see if I can find such a mask to wear for this special visit.

AND speaking of being careful.  I just heard from my friend that got tested and she does NOT have COVID.  YAY!

Whew!  Another bullet dodged.

Now it is 4:00 and I am at the computer in the shade with my Bud-light Orange... feeling blessed.


  1. Sounds like a grand ride with friends and a very mellow ending to your adventure in that area! Have too much FUN! :)

  2. Have a wonderful time visiting Jeremy and his wife. Too bad you won’t see Abby. Maybe next time.


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