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Biking and Flying on the Outer Banks, NC

 Greetings from the East Coast, Our home for five nights was at the OBX Campground in Kill Devil Hills, NC.  The showers are spacious and clean, there are geese and deer to watch, and our camper was situated with the window at the head of the bed looking directly east.  So each morning, if we woke up in time, we could watch the sunrise while still cozy.   The first morning I saw the sunrise there were lovely deep oranges shining through a row of trees on the opposite shore of the inlet on the sound.  The water was calm and mirror-like.  So the reflection of the trees on the orange background was reflected on the water.  Lovely.  We were smiling. The outer banks is a long strip of island off the coast.  I had heard of it, but never been here.  Steve has been here many times with Margaret and their kids.  We drove over a long bridge to get here. The first day, I would have gone to Anytime if there had been one.  I needed to exercise my bones, (I have osteoporosis.)  I also needed to move