Friday, August 30, 2019

Hurricane Prep - Travel Prep - Exercise Video and Large Print


There is a storm heading our way... or not.

Dorian, currently a tropical storm gaining momentum in the Atlantic, may head this way, may not.

My heart goes out to all those caregivers trying to figure out where to go, whether to go or stick it out.  In The Journey Continues I wrote about our trip to escape hurricane Irma.  We were lucky, we had the means and ability to get away. 

Some of the friends in my dementia caregiver support group had a heck of a time during Irma.  One took her loved one to a special needs shelter.  Can you image what it is like to hunker down in a storm (and its aftermath) when you have someone you love with dementia?

They are confused sometimes even in their own home and taking them into a huge space with cots set up row after row, no place to sit comfortably, nothing to occupy them.

It was a nightmare for my friend and her husband.  Then the special needs shelter got over crowded and under-supplied.  There was not enough beds, food and toilets.

So as I watch the storm out in the Atlantic and check in with the National Hurricane Center for updates, I worry about my house and all those who are having to deal with this when they are not well.


I have found a house sitter!  I am so glad, since I am going against all the social media etiquette by announcing that I am leaving on  a trip.  The evil bandits all know I am going, so now there will be someone here in my place.

She and her friend are Canadian and are looking forward to spending time in Florida this fall. I found her by placing an blurb on one of the Travel Club sites I belong to.  Good folks.  

As the storm approaches I have to hold myself back from leaving early.  I have a meeting to attend, a cap that is being put on my tooth, and some houses that I watch over that I should check on after the storm.


Robin Siegerman, the voice actress that is right now working on creating an Audiobook of Alzheimer's Trippin' with George,  was reading through the exercises that I listed in the book.  She suggested I do a video demonstrating the exercises.  So I did!

These exercises we were taught and we did regularly during our trip and beyond.  I think they really helped George be able to hike and remain mobile.

So here is the video.  Can you follow along?  Let me know if you do the exercises. 

I already have plans for another one going into the mechanics of getting out of a chair.  Important stuff for a caregiver and really all of us to know as we age.  KEEP MOVING!

Here is the link to the mobility exercises video above.  Feel free to share on your social media or send to a friend that you think would benefit from doing the exercises.

Large Print now available!

The large print version of Alzheimer's Trippin' with George - Diagnosis to Discovery in 10,000 Miles is now up on Amazon.  I mad it 16 pt print vs the 12 pt in the original version.

It takes a will to convert a regular print to a bigger text.  At least for my book with all the pictures and all the pages.  I had to remove some of the pictures, but I kept quite a few.

Book Description

I am trying to spruce up the blurb on Amazon that describes Alzheimer's Trippin' with George.  The blurb has to catch someone as they are scrolling and checking out the book.  It has to grab them and pull them to the next sentence and the next sentence.

I paid for someone to write a blurb and it just didn't feel like me.  It also didn't reflect the fun I wanted the reader to have while reading the book.  So I am trying to re-write by using quotes from reviewers.

Besides getting the wording right and the grammar, I need to get the HTML right.  Because when I put it up on Amazon it shows up as one big blob, no spaces between lines, no bold.  Even when I take an HTML file and copy and paste it.  I am frustrated with that part too.  It's a part of this learning curve.   I guess I am taking the corner too fast and landing on my side (thinking trike riding).

If you are a marketer and writer, please, PLEASE look this over and let me know what I can do to make it better, more gripping, to pull in those readers that will enjoy the book.  A free copy of the Audio book to you if your changes help improve the number of sales to clicks ratio.

This is what I have on the large print:


If you think life is over after an Alzheimer's diagnosis, then you should read this book. "Susan made learning about the struggles one has caring for their loved one with Alzheimer’s enjoyable." Susan's inspiring and conversational journal will draw you in. "Easier read than I expected." Travel along with this couple as they go exploring and riding their three-wheeled recumbent trikes on various U.S. bike trails. There are lots of fun photos!  You will be pulled into their story of traveling across the country and the day-by-day experience of watching George's decline. Start the journey today!  Get it now!  You will learn what she learns, including: dementia symptoms; mobility and balance exercises; and remaining respectful and positive. "It's an inspirational journey, despite the losses, and I was uplifted by reading it." Susan is saving you a seat on their journey and giving you the next best thing to an eye-witness experience. That’s why this road trip USA book is packed with photos that will take you from diagnosis to discovery in 10,000 miles. Do You Know Someone Who Could Use Some Inspiration? We all have a loved one who is a caregiver, who is trying to cope with the diagnosis and who is looking for a ray of hope. Surprise him/her with a copy of Alzheimer’s Trippin’ With George today. Susan and George's story will put a smile on his/her face and make the burden a tiny bit lighter. Click “Buy Now” To Join Our Adventure Today!
I need help with the HTML  to get line gaps and carriage returns in there!

Here is another version:

If you think life is over after an Alzheimer's diagnosis….

then you should read this book.

From riding their three-wheeled recumbent tricycles on trails, to hiking up mountain sides, to laughing and singing through the great plains, George and Susan keep experiencing life’s joys.

Travel along on their three-month road trip as Susan shares their moments of awe and diagnosis adjustments. 
Buy it now.

“Susan shares their story of traveling across the country and the day-by-day experience of watching George's decline. It's an inspirational journey, despite the losses, and I was uplifted by reading it!"

 Join in their courageous journey with many twist and turns. 

You will be riveted to your seat as two people attempt to be live with joy will navigating the challenges of travel and Alzheimer’s.

“I loved the way the author tells the story of her journey with George with empathy and humor, with an easy to read style that makes the pages fly by. What a wonderful approach to Alzheimer's Disease!”

Start your trip today.  Get it now!

“I enjoyed vicariously tagging along with Susan and George on their quite lengthy road trip adventure. Despite his medical and behavioral challenges, they were able to keep on exploring, biking, and hiking more than most people would even without such impediments.”

“I tell my friends, don’t start reading it until you have all your chores done, because once you start you won’t want to put it down.”

Climb on board!  Buy it now.

Which one do you prefer?   Let me know by commenting below.  THANK YOU!

Roof Leaks 

 The roofer finally came a fixed the roof.  One of the roof tiles was cracked and the board under it was damaged.  All fixed now.  

I learned then to use pure bleach (not watered down) and a paint roller on the ceiling to remove the stain that was caused by the leak.  The stain was not completely removed, but it was much lighter.  Then I painted with Kilz and then I painted the whole lanai white.

I had been purging and downsizing and realized I had been over zealous.  I didn't keep any junk clothes for painting because I thought I would never do that again.  That is why it is hard to dispose of stuff, you never know when you might need it.  Life is changing all the time.  I am not a horder, just a single woman in a big house with a full closet. 

Anyway, after the roof was fixed it rained pretty good one day so I went around looking for more leaks.  Especially in the storage area where I see spots from former leaks and I wanted to see if any were wet.  DANG.  I think one was damp.  

House maintenance is never ending.

Room Mates

 I have a lot of purging to do if I am going to share my house with others.  I have a closet of stuff I am going to sell once I return from my trips this fall.  And I have a kitchen that needs to have room for another person's dry-goods.

I have talked with two women who responded to my ad on  One is already renting a room and sharing a home, but her roommate's life has changed (got a lover) and it makes sharing the home less comfortable.  The other woman is newly divorced and she wants to move to Florida so she is looking to rent a year before she moves.  

Both of them are going to come stay a couple nights to check the area, the house, and me out sometime in late October.

Housing Options

I was so decided when I put that ad in  I am not normally so comfortable with my decisions.  But I was set, I had a plan, I liked the plan well enough.  A little scared of the change, but that is normal for any change.

Then my roof leaked and then this storm started approaching and I thought, "Wouldn't it be easier if I rented?"

A guy from my former dementia support group moved with his wife to a senior apartment complex in Beverly Hills, FL.  Not far from here, but further from the trail.  He sent me the brochures.  $750/month for two bedroom 2 bath!  And NO maintenance!   I am doing the math and maybe I will go get a tour.

Love my neighborhood, though.  I am so close to the trail and to downtown Inverness.  And I go to yoga three times a week right at the club house with friends!  Life is good here.  

But as I age (and I consider myself relatively young in the getting-old stage of life) dealing with maintenance issues is more bothersome.

Back to Trippin'

My friend Bill shared with me a website where I can plan my trip with stops along the way.

I am loving it!  Thank you, Bill!   

I can search for museums or gyms or anything and make a stop along the way.  

I have decided not to post to my blog until after I leave a campsite.  That way the boogie man doesn't know where I am. Not that I am scared of that, but it is good to be smart about this social media and blogging stuff.  

I will tell you that I am so excited to be meeting up with some other tricycle riders in Ohio.  What a community we bicyclists/tricyclists have!

That's it for now, as they say on The Moth Podcast - "Make it a story worthy week."

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  1. Exercise video nicely done Sue.
    On your book blurb I thought shorter is better. I liked the 2nd one. Keep on keeping on and stay safe with that storm coming.


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