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"If you think life is over after an Alzheimer's diagnosis....

...then you should read Susan Straley's Alzheimer's Trippin' with George: Diagnosis to Discovery in 10,000 miles. 

Susan and George clearly love the outdoors, exploring and riding their three-wheeled recumbent "trikes" on various trails. 

In journal form and with lots of photos

Susan shares their story of traveling across the country and the day-by-day experience of watching George's decline. 

It's an inspirational journey, despite the losses, and I was uplifted by reading it!" Amazon Reader

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“A courageous journey with many twist and turns as two people grasp the challenges of Alzheimer’s" Amazon Reader

"This is a true story of two people taking a cross country trip to celebrate 40 years of marriage with an unwelcome guest known as Alzheimer’s. The writer shares their story in a most candid way. Not only does she share the geographical trip but the many nuances of the disease and how it impacts the mundane and extraordinary events of each day. A brave journey that one will benefit from reading.”  Beth R.

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“I couldn’t put it down,” Amazon Reader

Susan made learning about the struggles one has caring for their loved one with Alzheimer’s enjoyable.
Her sincerity and dedication to love her husband right to the end was inspiring

I came to admire her sense of humor, deep compassion, sense of gratitude for friends and helpers, and tenacious spirit

Easier read than I expected."  Amazon Reader

Uplifting account of one woman who continued to find joy, gratitude, and energy caring for her husband.

"Sue continues to experience George's journey into dementia along with all the messy details. She is one heck of a woman who continued this journey with a lot of love pushing her on." Ron Freidl

 "Beautiful, moving, heart wrenching. A challenging situation to be in is an understatement. This was a unique perspective."  Amazon Reader

"I loved the way the author tells the story of her journey with George with empathy and humor, with an easy to read style that makes the pages fly by. What a wonderful approach to Alzheimer's Disease!" Amazon Reader

You too can enjoy the journey.   

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“Just finished reading a second time. It still makes me smile. It is great. I plan on giving copies to friends!” Karen Kline, R.N., B.S.N. Faith Community Nurse, First United Methodist Church, Homosassa, Florida. Coordinator Memory Lane Respite and Support Group 

Whether you went Trippin’ with Susan and George on their U.S.A. road trip in Alzheimer’s Trippin’ with George, or you are just joining them now.  You will smile, laugh, and sometimes cry with them as they continue living full lives and having new adventures.  Journey along with them as they dance, ride recumbent tricycles, battle with a bully, and escape a hurricane.

“Informative, inspirational, funny, sad - I highly recommend this book. … Buy it - for yourself, for others, a perfect gift for any occasion, or no occasion at all!” Larry Varney, co-editor Bentrider Online

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You will find yourself cheering over the victories and finding joy in the midst of change.
You will DISCOVER: how to stay positive; where to find helpful resources; how Susan dealt with incontinence; and how family, friends and community can make a BIG difference in the quality of life for a caregiver and those living with dementia.

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