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Go Trippin' with Susan

 Trippin' Series
 Book One

 Alzheimer's Trippin' with George

When we received the dementia diagnosis, I wanted to run for the hills.  My body filled with fear and dread. I needed to escape, go, leave, pretend it wasn't happening.

I mean, how could I stop living my life to sit and wait for this disease to slowly take my husband, my partner, the man I loved and lived with for 39 years? How could I stay at home with him while the clock ticked away the time on my life too? This disease could take 20 years to piece by piece take him away . By that time I might be dead myself!

So after a while, I did leave...

of course I took George along...

and our recumbent trikes.

Alzheimer's Trippin' with George is the first in the Trippin' series.

Off we went on a wild cross-country road trip visiting family and friends and places. It was a trip to celebrate our 40 years together and possibly the end of us as husband and wife.

As we traveled, I wrote to friends and family.  I shared lots of pictures and sometimes I shared what symptoms we were experiencing.  I shared what I was learning too, how to compassionately and respectfully provide care.

Now you can enjoy the fun rides, the great experiences, and learn along with me.

I am saving you a seat on our journey and giving you the next best thing to an eye-witness experience. This road trip USA is packed with photos that will take you from diagnosis to discovery in 10,000 miles.

Join the adventure today!


"It's an inspirational journey, despite the losses, and I was uplifted by reading it."Amazon Reader

A portion of the proceeds on the sale of this book will be donated to organizations providing support to Alzheimer’s caregivers.


Trippin' Series 
Book Two

The Journey Continues: Alzheimer's Trippin' with George

Susan is faced with caring for her husband. Will she sit by his side and listen to the ticking of the clock as time passes? Or will she find a way to keep enjoying life?

A woman's memoir, the second in the Trippin' series. The Journey Continues is an fun and entertaining true story. Written as letters to friends, George and Susan's journey through dementia is a great testament to the power of fun, community and love.

"Susan Straley writes with such honesty and compassion in regards to the joys and hardships caring for a loved one. Susan’s honesty in regard to anger and frustration with the role, while still loving the person, left this reader with a feeling of being understood." Connie Tice

"From start to finish, "The Journey Continues, Alzheimer's Trippin' with George " is an endearing and captivating journal of love and fortitude." Paul McWilliams

"I've been waiting for this sequel to become available in kindle format. I was not disappointed. Thank you, Susan!" Dale Krimmer

"So what did I learn from this book? That while every day life is challenging, in the midst of sadness the author found joy. I learned that friends are vital- they can help with errands, bring meals, visit, and most important of all, show love. I found out that it’s possible to continue to travel and live a companionable life. Thanks to the author for sharing her life and her love for her husband with readers." Jenna Henry Booklover

"If you know someone with dementia, this is a great resource and inspiration. If you do not, it is still a compelling story and worth reading!" Pat from Indiana


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