Monday, September 27, 2021

Frostburg to Paw Paw and first primitive camping

 It is Monday morning and since I can’t sleep I am writing to you again to try to catch up to where we are at in the trip right now (at a cool place in Hancock, MD the skinniest part of any state in the union.  MD is only two miles wide here between PA and WV.)

Leaving Frostburg at Eight while the morning mist was still

Rising and the air was even cooler when you are bikin downhill.

Happy happy morning!  We both slept very well in our cozy bunkhouse.  Right across the street is a station for the scenic railroad.  Look at what appears to be coming soon to this area if not already in service!

Joan suggested we ride together today since we would be going downhill and I could keep up
Better.  At first I said I would go first because I knew she’d be faster anyway.  Then I changed my mind and waited for her at the bottom of the switchback in Frostburg.

It was a super grea ride!  We kept stopping for pictures and then to remove layers.  It took close to two hours to get to Cumberland where we were greeted by Cheri who guided us to a grocer and a coffee shop.

Gotta go pack up the bike.  Time to get ready to ride.

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