Saturday, September 7, 2019

Is it the surprises? Or is it the learning?

Saturday, September 7, 2019


What do you like about travel? 

I have always loved coming across the unexpected.  Arriving by bicycle into a neighborhood that is having a funky festival with music and fun.  The joy I feel after a bear crosses the road in front of us, or we see a unique piece of folk-art.

But I also like the little tidbits of learning.  That's also why I love podcasts.  I love learning a part of history I didn't know before, being blown away by the feat of a person or towns people. 

I got a little bit of that today, I hope it is just a peek at the fun moments to come on this trip.

I turned off the route to find a place to get coffee.  I haven't been making my coffee in the morning yet.  Just getting up and packing and heading out.  So I turned off the route and headed into Abbeville.

I was first delighted to find a lovely town square surrounded by well-kept colorful old buildings.

 The Courthouse is on the square and it attached to the Opera House.

 A placque explained that this was the 6th courthouse, built in 1908.  They had a lot of bad luck with their court houses.

Thanks to the Equal Justice Initiative for commemorating the story of Anthony Crawford and other victims for the hate and descrimination during the Jim Crow years and after.

In 1916 Anthony Crawford had built up his life and owned 427 acres of land and had 13 children.  Too much prosperity for the Jim Crow South.  He was dragged through town, beaten, stabbed, hung, and shot many times.  His family was not allowed to take his body down.



So I was delighted by something and I learned something.  Good time.

I got a call from my friend Dianne who is also a recent widow.  I joked that maybe I should get a little something that could represent George and I could talk to it and share this trip with my George. 

She said it would need an orange shirt.  We both laughed.  Later, she texted me a picture of a teddy bear she found at the thrift store with an orange T-shirt.   She bought it!  I was hoping for something small enough I could stick it in my pocket.  What do you think?  Should I put an Teddy Bear with an orange shirt in the passenger seat?

I had Google take me to a parking area on the Swamp Rabbit Trail in Greenville. 

 I felt sluggish and tired on the trail.

I turned onto a trail around Furman College.

 There were several black swans (and white ones) in the lake.

I saw a sign for the dining hall.  I passed it up, but then I changed my mind.  Boy am I glad I did!  What a treat!

Salad bar, fruit bar, potato bar, pizza and pasta bar, deserts (but not too many).  So much to chose from.  I could have stayed all afternoon.

I rode as far as Travelers Rest which is a cute area with pubs, and bike shops and all kinds of businesses that look like they support the trail and the trail supports them.

The trail is busy, but everyone lets you know they are passing.  There are many parts of the trail where the pavement edge drops off 10 inches or has a sharp hill going down.  You don't want to be startled and swerve off the pavement.

Two other things about the trail I want to mention.

They had "Birma Shave" style signs down the trail in spots.  Reminding bikers to not swerve, where your helmet, announce you are passing, etc.

They were cute sayings that rhymed.

There was also a grocery store on the trail with a huge playground for kids.

My night tonight was planned ahead.  I am staying with fellow travelers of the

It's good.  Tomorrow I visit with friends in the Blue Ridge Mountains area.

Do you prefer knowing where you are going?

Friday and Saturday, September 6th and 7th, 2019


Friday night I had no reservations and didn’t know where I would land.

Some people love that.

Me, I was worried.  It was a Friday night,  a time of festivals, concerts,  fairs and sold out camping areas.

I drove the back roads heading toward Greenville.

I had stopped at a McDonalds to get access to Wifi and blog.  After that, I didn't get very far and I saw an Anytime Fitness and stopped in to work out.

I was aiming for a state park just north of Greenville, South Carolina.  It was 5 hours away at least, according to

When I stopped for lunch I gave the campground a call to see if there were any sites. 

They had 7 tent sites available but they would not save let me reserve one.

When I told them I would probably be there after 5, they said the sites would not still be available, there was music in the park this weekend, it was filling up.

I looked for motels in the Greenville area.  Pretty pricey and I really brought all this camping stuff for a reason, so save money on lodging and get me outside more.  The comfort of a motel room with air conditioning was enticing.  It was 95 degrees again.

When I crossed the South Carolina border I passed a state park.  But then just a few miles down the road was another one.  It was about 4:00 p.m.  I called and they had spots so I drove in... a few miles to  Baker State Park.  I got another lake side spot with a view and a breeze.  

Only $17 for the night!

I set up camp.

Then I walked a mile to the dumpster and a mile back.  My hip began to ache.  I have been having an issue with my hip.  The pain comes and goes, mostly comes when I walk around cleaning house... or working in the kitchen or going for long walks. 

I felt myself close to tears.  I am missing George. 

I imagined what this trip would be like with him and his dementia.  Cleaning him up, walking very slow and holding him up.  Yet still I felt it would be company, it would give this trip a "WE" instead of just "me". 

Feeling old I sat and read for a while.  I texted friends and called my sister.   It was good to chat and I felt a little better.

I sat until the light got dim.  Then crawled inside my tent.  I thought I would read, but I couldn't keep my eyes open.  Only 8:30!  What's with that!


Friday, September 6, 2019

Do you like to travel?

Good morning!  

A few friends have posted some unbelievable photos of sunsets after the hurricane past.  Bright red, and they assure me the pictures are NOT enhanced.

This is my sunrise this morning.

I have met a few people who say they don't like to travel.

They don't like the mess of getting there, the air flight, the packing, the checking in.

And some don't like it because when they are gone they worry about their stuff or their people back home.

So why go?

This is my exploratory trip to see if I like travel.  I am doing three different kind of trips this fall.

On this trip I will be traveling for a full month in my Chrysler Town and Country mini van.  Trying out camping, staying with family and friends, tasting how far I like driving in a day, eat out vs picnic.

Day one I only went 200 miles.  But it took all day long!

I left after 9:00 a.m.   I would have left earlier, but I had to wash the sheets. 

I had warm showers guests last night and though I had told them they would need to use their bed rolls in because I had a house sitter coming, they didn't remember and I didn't want to enforce it.

They were on day 19 of their journey from Montreal.  Just let that sink in a bit.  Averaging 80 miles a day.  No site seeing, just riding and taking care of business.  The guy on the left lives in both Montreal and a town in Columbia.

 I was showing him Sylvia Halpern's blog of her trip in Columbia this past winter.  She had spent two weeks in his home town!  He was thrilled to see her pictures.

Thank you to my neighbors who have offered up their dryer if I should need it.  I needed it.

I ate my salad in Brooker, Florida.

I went for a bike ride in the Okefenokee Wild Life Refuge.

I am glad I packed so I can remove the trike easily without unpacking anything.



And I camped at Laura S. Walker State Park.  What a lovely park with large camp sites, a lovely view off my site.  I got to watch the sun set, see the stars, and watch the sun rise.

I am taking back my commitment to post every day. 

I want to be able to get away from Facebook and wifi if I want to.  So addicted to reaching out and getting the affirmation that I exist and matter to some.  I have crazy Facebook thinking. 

Time to disconnect a while.

I check email and the Sisters on the Fly event hostess for the October event, Dive with the Fishes is having trouble with the reservations.  I reserved my dive, my camping spot, and the event.  Now I learn my dive isn't reserved... the whole reason I am going.  So when I get to secure wifi I will need to take care of that somehow.

Well, time to get back on the road.  I have had my coffee and am ready for more exploration.

Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Does the sky look different?


That's what I want to know, does the sky look different when a hurricane is just a few hundred miles away?

Earlier this week it seemed strange, a fog, it was above us... maybe you would call that low-hanging clouds.

And now the glows seem to move fast and there is a wind, but that could be normal.

We are the fortunate ones.  Just out of the danger range.  One county over, the schools are closed so they can remain open as storm shelters for those escaping Hurricane Dorian.

Hurricanes are relatively new to me.  Born and raised in the Midwest, the tornadoes would come and go in a matter of minutes.  Here, we start watching the storms form over by Africa and talking about the chances of it coming our way. 

And then Hurricane Dorian lost the push of high-pressure behind it so we were expecting it to hit on Sunday, then Monday, then Tuesday.  In the meantime I have hauled plants into the house outdoor furniture to keep if from flying around and damaging someone's property. 

We (my friends and neighbors and Floridian's in the possible path) wait and we check in a couple times a day at least to see what the meteorologists are saying now.  Where is it going now?   Even if you aren't in the path, the cone of the Hurricane is hundreds of miles.  So even the outer edges can get sustained 40-50 mph winds.

The path is never sure, hurricanes can wobble and their projected path change entirely.  So many of us prepare and wait and worry.

September is the peak month for tropical storms and hurricanes.

If you have been elsewhere you might not even know that the Bahama's was devastated by Dorian.  Living on an island isn't so attractive anymore.  Puerto Rico hit twice and now the Bahama's flooded and flattened in parts.  They estimate 13,000 home were completely destroyed. 

People amaze me.  The Church without Walls in Citrus County is collecting supplies and will be personally delivering them.  Driving down to Miami later this week.  Better people than I am for sure.

Me, I am just wondering if the hurricane is going to make me change my plans for leaving on Thursday and camping along the way.  "Good thing I have a reservation," I think to myself.  Because the campgrounds will be full of evacuees. 

I look out the window and the clouds are racing, the next time I look they don't seem to be moving.  Is it my imagination?  Or does the sky look different?

Fear and Packing

As I reminder, I am leaving on a road trip to Wisconsin.  Heading there in a zig-zag way, visiting places and people along the way.  

I should be gone a whole month.   

I was chatting with Debra yesterday and I told her I wasn't excited about this trip yet.  

Maybe when the trip gets started the feelings will change, we say. 

I think this is my first big road trip since George passed.  And even though he wasn't fully with it or much help the last few times we went, he was comfort and companionship.  I was part of a couple.  

Now I am just a single person.  My new status in society is still so strange to me.  Forty years is a long time to think of yourself as part of a pair.  

I fear the trip will make me miss him.  And I fear the newness of camping on my own.

I went to visit a friend who was reading, The Journey Continues.  She said, "Don't you ever feel afraid?"

I said, "Sure I do.  But I try to feel the fear and do it anyway." 

This trip and the October trips are outside my comfort zone just a tiny amount.  Just enough to stretch myself, but not too much.  

The snorkel in the ocean?  That will stretch it even more.  I just had a friend step on the tail of a stingray and end up in the hospital!  Scared?  You bet cha!

Packing for this trip first.  I piled stuff into my living room but didn't want to start putting things in the van until I was sure the Hurricane was not going to harm this area. 

I was going to take along a folding mattress to sleep in the van, but the other night I tested out the tent-cot by Kamprite and I slept OK.  So I am going to use that.

The first day the high temperature is going to be 92 degrees.  Oh my!

Yesterday and today I am working to pack the van so that I can get my trike out without removing all the camping equipment.

The item on the left that is wrapped in a tan blanket is a large picture in a frame.  George loved that picture.  It was given to him by his employees when the company was growing and they moved into an office suite where George would have his own room.  George loved cats and it is a picture of a big panther walking toward the viewer. 

After George passed I called the employee that was with us the longest and offered the picture to him.  He stuck with us and contributed greatly through many years working in our basement and through several different locations.  He managed Rentapen the year we decided to semi retire.  He said he was honored to take the picture.  I will be delivering the it to him near Milwaukee.

I still have more stuff to pack into the van.   My computer and folders and clothes and cosmetics and food.  OH MY!  I hope I find a place for everything.

Warm Showers

I have gone a LONG time without a request.   Wouldn't you know I get a request to stay Wednesday night.  Two guys biking down from Montreal, Canada.   It took them only 23 days!   

But I have to have clean sheets and a clean shower for the house sitter!  

I can't say no.  Why say no.  I just tell them my dilemma and I ask them to wipe down the shower when they are done and we will hang their towels in the garage.   They are going to sleep on their bed rolls so I don't have dirty sheets to deal with.  

They will be glad to have air-conditioning and wifi.

Audio Books

As Robin Siegerman records Alzheimer's Trippin' with George, I keep thinking about the launch of The Journey Continues on December 4th.  Wouldn't it be great to have that book in audio form too?

Robin says she is buzy until January.  So I shopped for a different artist.  I found one who has a pleasant voice and I think will do a great job on the book.   Soon I will have a sample to share with you. 

For now, just know that soon both books will be available in Audio form.  Just in time for that road-trip or for Christmas!

Friday, August 30, 2019

Hurricane Prep - Travel Prep - Exercise Video and Large Print


There is a storm heading our way... or not.

Dorian, currently a tropical storm gaining momentum in the Atlantic, may head this way, may not.

My heart goes out to all those caregivers trying to figure out where to go, whether to go or stick it out.  In The Journey Continues I wrote about our trip to escape hurricane Irma.  We were lucky, we had the means and ability to get away. 

Some of the friends in my dementia caregiver support group had a heck of a time during Irma.  One took her loved one to a special needs shelter.  Can you image what it is like to hunker down in a storm (and its aftermath) when you have someone you love with dementia?

They are confused sometimes even in their own home and taking them into a huge space with cots set up row after row, no place to sit comfortably, nothing to occupy them.

It was a nightmare for my friend and her husband.  Then the special needs shelter got over crowded and under-supplied.  There was not enough beds, food and toilets.

So as I watch the storm out in the Atlantic and check in with the National Hurricane Center for updates, I worry about my house and all those who are having to deal with this when they are not well.


I have found a house sitter!  I am so glad, since I am going against all the social media etiquette by announcing that I am leaving on  a trip.  The evil bandits all know I am going, so now there will be someone here in my place.

She and her friend are Canadian and are looking forward to spending time in Florida this fall. I found her by placing an blurb on one of the Travel Club sites I belong to.  Good folks.  

As the storm approaches I have to hold myself back from leaving early.  I have a meeting to attend, a cap that is being put on my tooth, and some houses that I watch over that I should check on after the storm.


Robin Siegerman, the voice actress that is right now working on creating an Audiobook of Alzheimer's Trippin' with George,  was reading through the exercises that I listed in the book.  She suggested I do a video demonstrating the exercises.  So I did!

These exercises we were taught and we did regularly during our trip and beyond.  I think they really helped George be able to hike and remain mobile.

So here is the video.  Can you follow along?  Let me know if you do the exercises. 

I already have plans for another one going into the mechanics of getting out of a chair.  Important stuff for a caregiver and really all of us to know as we age.  KEEP MOVING!

Here is the link to the mobility exercises video above.  Feel free to share on your social media or send to a friend that you think would benefit from doing the exercises.

Large Print now available!

The large print version of Alzheimer's Trippin' with George - Diagnosis to Discovery in 10,000 Miles is now up on Amazon.  I mad it 16 pt print vs the 12 pt in the original version.

It takes a will to convert a regular print to a bigger text.  At least for my book with all the pictures and all the pages.  I had to remove some of the pictures, but I kept quite a few.

Book Description

I am trying to spruce up the blurb on Amazon that describes Alzheimer's Trippin' with George.  The blurb has to catch someone as they are scrolling and checking out the book.  It has to grab them and pull them to the next sentence and the next sentence.

I paid for someone to write a blurb and it just didn't feel like me.  It also didn't reflect the fun I wanted the reader to have while reading the book.  So I am trying to re-write by using quotes from reviewers.

Besides getting the wording right and the grammar, I need to get the HTML right.  Because when I put it up on Amazon it shows up as one big blob, no spaces between lines, no bold.  Even when I take an HTML file and copy and paste it.  I am frustrated with that part too.  It's a part of this learning curve.   I guess I am taking the corner too fast and landing on my side (thinking trike riding).

If you are a marketer and writer, please, PLEASE look this over and let me know what I can do to make it better, more gripping, to pull in those readers that will enjoy the book.  A free copy of the Audio book to you if your changes help improve the number of sales to clicks ratio.

This is what I have on the large print:


If you think life is over after an Alzheimer's diagnosis, then you should read this book. "Susan made learning about the struggles one has caring for their loved one with Alzheimer’s enjoyable." Susan's inspiring and conversational journal will draw you in. "Easier read than I expected." Travel along with this couple as they go exploring and riding their three-wheeled recumbent trikes on various U.S. bike trails. There are lots of fun photos!  You will be pulled into their story of traveling across the country and the day-by-day experience of watching George's decline. Start the journey today!  Get it now!  You will learn what she learns, including: dementia symptoms; mobility and balance exercises; and remaining respectful and positive. "It's an inspirational journey, despite the losses, and I was uplifted by reading it." Susan is saving you a seat on their journey and giving you the next best thing to an eye-witness experience. That’s why this road trip USA book is packed with photos that will take you from diagnosis to discovery in 10,000 miles. Do You Know Someone Who Could Use Some Inspiration? We all have a loved one who is a caregiver, who is trying to cope with the diagnosis and who is looking for a ray of hope. Surprise him/her with a copy of Alzheimer’s Trippin’ With George today. Susan and George's story will put a smile on his/her face and make the burden a tiny bit lighter. Click “Buy Now” To Join Our Adventure Today!
I need help with the HTML  to get line gaps and carriage returns in there!

Here is another version:

If you think life is over after an Alzheimer's diagnosis….

then you should read this book.

From riding their three-wheeled recumbent tricycles on trails, to hiking up mountain sides, to laughing and singing through the great plains, George and Susan keep experiencing life’s joys.

Travel along on their three-month road trip as Susan shares their moments of awe and diagnosis adjustments. 
Buy it now.

“Susan shares their story of traveling across the country and the day-by-day experience of watching George's decline. It's an inspirational journey, despite the losses, and I was uplifted by reading it!"

 Join in their courageous journey with many twist and turns. 

You will be riveted to your seat as two people attempt to be live with joy will navigating the challenges of travel and Alzheimer’s.

“I loved the way the author tells the story of her journey with George with empathy and humor, with an easy to read style that makes the pages fly by. What a wonderful approach to Alzheimer's Disease!”

Start your trip today.  Get it now!

“I enjoyed vicariously tagging along with Susan and George on their quite lengthy road trip adventure. Despite his medical and behavioral challenges, they were able to keep on exploring, biking, and hiking more than most people would even without such impediments.”

“I tell my friends, don’t start reading it until you have all your chores done, because once you start you won’t want to put it down.”

Climb on board!  Buy it now.

Which one do you prefer?   Let me know by commenting below.  THANK YOU!

Roof Leaks 

 The roofer finally came a fixed the roof.  One of the roof tiles was cracked and the board under it was damaged.  All fixed now.  

I learned then to use pure bleach (not watered down) and a paint roller on the ceiling to remove the stain that was caused by the leak.  The stain was not completely removed, but it was much lighter.  Then I painted with Kilz and then I painted the whole lanai white.

I had been purging and downsizing and realized I had been over zealous.  I didn't keep any junk clothes for painting because I thought I would never do that again.  That is why it is hard to dispose of stuff, you never know when you might need it.  Life is changing all the time.  I am not a horder, just a single woman in a big house with a full closet. 

Anyway, after the roof was fixed it rained pretty good one day so I went around looking for more leaks.  Especially in the storage area where I see spots from former leaks and I wanted to see if any were wet.  DANG.  I think one was damp.  

House maintenance is never ending.

Room Mates

 I have a lot of purging to do if I am going to share my house with others.  I have a closet of stuff I am going to sell once I return from my trips this fall.  And I have a kitchen that needs to have room for another person's dry-goods.

I have talked with two women who responded to my ad on  One is already renting a room and sharing a home, but her roommate's life has changed (got a lover) and it makes sharing the home less comfortable.  The other woman is newly divorced and she wants to move to Florida so she is looking to rent a year before she moves.  

Both of them are going to come stay a couple nights to check the area, the house, and me out sometime in late October.

Housing Options

I was so decided when I put that ad in  I am not normally so comfortable with my decisions.  But I was set, I had a plan, I liked the plan well enough.  A little scared of the change, but that is normal for any change.

Then my roof leaked and then this storm started approaching and I thought, "Wouldn't it be easier if I rented?"

A guy from my former dementia support group moved with his wife to a senior apartment complex in Beverly Hills, FL.  Not far from here, but further from the trail.  He sent me the brochures.  $750/month for two bedroom 2 bath!  And NO maintenance!   I am doing the math and maybe I will go get a tour.

Love my neighborhood, though.  I am so close to the trail and to downtown Inverness.  And I go to yoga three times a week right at the club house with friends!  Life is good here.  

But as I age (and I consider myself relatively young in the getting-old stage of life) dealing with maintenance issues is more bothersome.

Back to Trippin'

My friend Bill shared with me a website where I can plan my trip with stops along the way.

I am loving it!  Thank you, Bill!   

I can search for museums or gyms or anything and make a stop along the way.  

I have decided not to post to my blog until after I leave a campsite.  That way the boogie man doesn't know where I am. Not that I am scared of that, but it is good to be smart about this social media and blogging stuff.  

I will tell you that I am so excited to be meeting up with some other tricycle riders in Ohio.  What a community we bicyclists/tricyclists have!

That's it for now, as they say on The Moth Podcast - "Make it a story worthy week."

Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Trips Coming, Thoughts on Personal Impact, Audio Book

Exciting times!  So much to learn, to decide, to experience!

Ok, now what do I start talking about first? 

Do I start off talking about what I have been thinking about?   

If I believe the science telling us that climate change is happening and that human activity is a big contributing factor, what am I doing and what CAN I be doing (or not doing) to reduce my impact.  And then, I remember something I heard... "No snowflake feels responsible for the avalanche."

Do I start off telling you about the "Trippin'" that is coming up? 

North Carolina, Ohio, Wisconsin, Everglades, Florida Keys, Arizona... too much?

Or do I start off telling you about what is happening with the books?

Audio, large print, book launch events...

Ok, ok, ok, stop twisting my arm!  

I will talk about the progress of the books first.

If this isn't of interest to you, skim down.  You won't want to miss the Trippin' we are going on this fall! (I promise to take you with me virtually.) 

Audio Update

I am SOOOO thrilled with how the Audio book is coming for Alzheimer's Trippin' with George.  What a wonderful job, voice actress Robin Siegerman is doing.

Here is the advertising sample she did up. 

Listen and let me know what you think in the comments here or on my Youtube channel.  And feel free to SHARE on your Facebook page (please) or send the link to a friend.  Let's spread the fun.

Robin says she is going to have to re-do some of it because I chose a part of the book for the sample where I said, "shit."  Robin says the Audio sample can't have cuss words in it.  She wanted to just say "GAAAHHH" instead.  I don't know, I told her to say, "Blast it" or "Dang, Dang, Dang".   But now that I write this it sounds so...

What do you think?  Maybe "GAAHHHH" is more frustrated and the others sound dorky?

The date for release of the Audio book isn't set, but it will be sometime in October.  Just in time for Christmas shopping season! 

Large Print

As I write this I am having the cover designer re-do the cover for both Alzheimer's Trippin' with George and The Journey Continues for the LARGE PRINT versions!   So many caregivers prefer the larger print, so this should help them.  And if they can't see at all, the Audio is coming soon!


 The launch date for The Journey Continues is set!

The Kindle/ebook will launch on December 4th, 2019.

Yes, I am having another party or two or three to celebrate.  Watch for more information coming in the next few months.  Click the Join tab if you want to receive an email when I post updates.

I am also holding a celebration on December 6th in Tampa, Florida at Citrus Park Cyclery.  So if you will be in Tampa at that time, mark your calendar for 11:00. 

Sales and the Blurb Re-write

I have been down.  Each day I check the sales of the book, I tweek my ads, and still the sales were going down, down, down.   So I decided to hire a fiverr gig to have them re-write the blurb I have on Amazon.

It was kind of over the top.  It didn't feel like me.  But I put it up there anyway, still no results in sales.  So I took their blurb and altered it quite a bit and included YOUR words.  The words of the fans who have left such wonderful reviews.

The newest blurb for The Journey Continues is:

"Beautiful, moving, heart wrenching. A challenging situation to be in is an understatement. This was a unique perspective." Amazon Reader

“Susan made learning about the struggles one has caring for their loved one with Alzheimer’s enjoyable. Her sincerity and dedication to love her husband right to the end was inspiring. I came to admire her: sense of humor; deep compassion; humble gratitude for friends and helpers, and tenacious spirit. Easier read than I expected." Amazon Reader

Whether you went Trippin’ with Susan and George on their U.S.A. road trip in Alzheimer’s Trippin’ with George, or you are just joining them now. You will smile, laugh, and sometimes cry with them as they continue living full lives and having new adventures. Journey along with them as they dance, ride recumbent tricycles, battle with a bully, and escape a hurricane.

“Informative, inspirational, funny, sad - I highly recommend this book. … Buy it - for yourself, for others, a perfect gift for any occasion, or no occasion at all!” Larry Varney, co-editor Bentrider Online

Click Buy Now!

“Sue continues to experience George's journey into dementia along with all the messy details. She is one heck of a woman who continued this journey with a lot of love pushing her on.” Ron Freidl

You will find yourself cheering over the victories and finding joy in the midst of change.

You will discover how to stay positive, where to find helpful resources, how to deal with incontinence, and how family, friends and community can make a BIG difference in the quality of life for a caregiver and those living with dementia.

Join the Journey today, Get it now!

I am starting to see some increase in sales  (one a day, but hey!)  I am on cloud nine!


"What else is going on?" you ask.

Well so nice of you to ask.

I have been THINKING.

Resource Appreciation

I heard a program about the great acceleration in the melting of the two-mile thick ice sheet in Greenland.  I am just one person.  A tiny speck in the scheme of things.

I really want to live my values.  I just feel that I am using up too many of the planets resources.  I am just one person now.

I have a big van that gets about 27 mpg.
I live in a 1900 sq ft house... not a mansion, but not a tiny house for sure.
I have too much stuff just for one person. 

I was encouraged to get bigger house so that if George went into nursing care, our life savings would have to go toward his care but I could hang onto some of the money and the house.  So the lawyer said buy more house.   I like my house, especially the location.  It is close to downtown and groceries and the gym.

But it seems silly for just me to have 2 1/2 bathrooms to maintain, and 3 bedrooms to dust.

So I have listed a bedroom on Seniorhomeshares.  I also added a listing to, though I am not as impressed with that website/program.  I am envisioning a Golden Girls situation.  Me and two other women sharing a home, and when I go Trippin' someone will be here all the time to watch over the place.

AND I could use the income for house maintenance and to stretch my savings further/longer.   I like the idea, especially with the right people.  So if you know of a non-smoking, morning person, who might enjoy sharing a house with a quiet friendly professional woman, have them get in touch with me.  It could even be just for the winter season.

Speaking of house maintenance.

My roof has a leak over the lanai.  I started calling roofers two months ago, I swear.  At that time the spots on the ceiling were small and few.  Then we had so much rain, the roofers could not get caught up and get out here.  FINALLY today a roofer came out.  The small spots are now a huge blob and the plywood under the tiles needs to be replaced.

At least I didn't have to put out buckets... yet.  Hopefully they will get to the repairs this week. 

SO -- Speaking about reducing my CO2 emissions....


Trip one - Departing September 5th

Since I didn't get to fly with my trike to see my sister in July, I am driving to see my sister in September.

Driving... Florida to Wisconsin ... probably over 3600 miles round trip.  Especially since I am adding on miles by going over to Ashville, North Carolina area first to visit friends, Regis and Cindy.  They are work-camping at a historical site in the woods.

Driving ... in my van.

I plan on camping and staying with folks along the way.  To reduce my impact, I am bringing my own folding mattress and sheets for when I stay at peoples homes.  It is such a waste for me to spend one night and they have to do laundry to get the sheets ready for the next guest.  So even though I am driving my big van... I am saving on laundry.  Ha ha, my own little unequal exchange to relieve my guilt.  I know it is silly, but I REALLY want to visit my sister.

I have also been trying to avoid using my car here at home.  I ride to the gym and the grocery store and to social events if they are close enough.

Last time I tried to camp I bought a tent before the event and I donated it away after the event.  It took forever to put it up.  I have tried camping in my van... the thing is, my stuff takes room.

I have this big ol' honking recumbent tricycle.   My Catrike Expedition doesn't fold.

And hey, part of my trip is to stop in Ohio and ride with some of the Ohio trikers on the Little Miami trail and other trails around Xenia, Ohio.  So I gotta take my trike.

Anyway.  I figured out a way to store my trike and stuff out of the rain.  Either I can sleep in the van on my folding mattress or I can use my Tent-Cot.

When George and I rode around Wisconsin we hauled our Tent-Cots behind our trikes on our flat-bed Burley trailers.  I loved the high-and-dry Tent-Cots and slept well.

The last two times I used the Tent-Cot I was miserable.  It was cold, my back hurt, and I was worried about George getting up in the night and wandering away.

So last night I put up the Tent-cot in my living room and I slept in it.  I slept well, I think.  Though I am unusually tired today.

I could take both the folding bed and the tent cot... but that's kind of too much stuff, right?

And if I am going to camp I need a place to put my stuff if I sleep in the van.  And a place to sit and hang-out if it rains.

So I bought a canopy and side tent.  I erected the canopy in my living room this morning.

I was proud, I got the canopy back in the box.  Not the side tent, though.

Trip Two

I have the reservations.  I may make it.  I may not.

I don't want to rush my Wisconsin visit and I don't want to drive LOOONG miserable days.  I want to keep the time in the car sensible each day.

Where do I have the reservations?

The Everglades and the Keys.

There is a group of recumbent riders that live on the Van Fleet Trail.  Every once in a while I see them at events.  I joined their Facebook group and chat with them sometimes.  When they announced they were going to do a MOON LIGHT RIDE on the Shark Valley Trail in the Everglades, I jumped at the opportunity and made my reservations at the campground they are going to.

They arrive at the campground October 11th.

THEN I learn that the Sisters on the Fly has a group going to Key Largo to swim with the fish on the reef.  They will be counting fish and turtles and snorkeling.

 When I was trying to figure out who I would be without George, I bought myself some snorkel equipment.   I have not used it in the ocean yet.  Just a swimming pool and the Rainbow River.   This is an event that it OUTSIDE my comfort zone just a tad.  A good place for me to start stretching myself and my experiences.  So I signed up.  The camp sites were all taken, but I keep checking back and now I have a campsite for two nights.  The event, I think, covers four nights.

Now to find my snorkel and mask.

Trip Three

I guess I went bonkers when I got back from riding to St. Pete to put my tricycle on a plane and fly to Wisconsin because I planned three trips for this fall!

As you may recall, if you followed that trip on this blog or Facebook, my trike was denied access to the flight on Allegiant Airline.   I stayed a day or two in the St. Pete area then biked home.  I got back from that trip and started planning to try again to fly my trike.

In November I am flying SouthWest Airline.  This time I will drive my van to the airport so I can store my trike in it if they refuse to let my trike in baggage. 

I am flying to Pheonix, AZ to visit my brother.  If you read the first book, Larry was the guy that met us out at Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado.  I have not seen him since last Summer when he and his wife Peg invited me to Seattle to share a house they were renting.  He will be celebrating a birthday while I am in Arizona.

 I will be writing here to you as much as I can while traveling.  If you want to go Trippin' with me on this blog, you can be notified by email each time I post something.  Just click the "Join" tab up above and fill in the form.  I promise not to sell or share your information.

I often post every day when I am traveling.

Are your READY???  Only a few more weeks!

Exercise Video

I have been asked to demonstrate the balance and mobility exercises that I explained in Alzheimer's Trippin' with George.

So I am going to TRY to make a good video of them so any of us can use them if we want to keep mobile.  When it is complete I will put it on Youtube.  Subscribe to my youtube channel

Thanks for taking this journey with me.

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