Friday, September 6, 2019

Do you like to travel?

Good morning!  

A few friends have posted some unbelievable photos of sunsets after the hurricane past.  Bright red, and they assure me the pictures are NOT enhanced.

This is my sunrise this morning.

I have met a few people who say they don't like to travel.

They don't like the mess of getting there, the air flight, the packing, the checking in.

And some don't like it because when they are gone they worry about their stuff or their people back home.

So why go?

This is my exploratory trip to see if I like travel.  I am doing three different kind of trips this fall.

On this trip I will be traveling for a full month in my Chrysler Town and Country mini van.  Trying out camping, staying with family and friends, tasting how far I like driving in a day, eat out vs picnic.

Day one I only went 200 miles.  But it took all day long!

I left after 9:00 a.m.   I would have left earlier, but I had to wash the sheets. 

I had warm showers guests last night and though I had told them they would need to use their bed rolls in because I had a house sitter coming, they didn't remember and I didn't want to enforce it.

They were on day 19 of their journey from Montreal.  Just let that sink in a bit.  Averaging 80 miles a day.  No site seeing, just riding and taking care of business.  The guy on the left lives in both Montreal and a town in Columbia.

 I was showing him Sylvia Halpern's blog of her trip in Columbia this past winter.  She had spent two weeks in his home town!  He was thrilled to see her pictures.

Thank you to my neighbors who have offered up their dryer if I should need it.  I needed it.

I ate my salad in Brooker, Florida.

I went for a bike ride in the Okefenokee Wild Life Refuge.

I am glad I packed so I can remove the trike easily without unpacking anything.



And I camped at Laura S. Walker State Park.  What a lovely park with large camp sites, a lovely view off my site.  I got to watch the sun set, see the stars, and watch the sun rise.

I am taking back my commitment to post every day. 

I want to be able to get away from Facebook and wifi if I want to.  So addicted to reaching out and getting the affirmation that I exist and matter to some.  I have crazy Facebook thinking. 

Time to disconnect a while.

I check email and the Sisters on the Fly event hostess for the October event, Dive with the Fishes is having trouble with the reservations.  I reserved my dive, my camping spot, and the event.  Now I learn my dive isn't reserved... the whole reason I am going.  So when I get to secure wifi I will need to take care of that somehow.

Well, time to get back on the road.  I have had my coffee and am ready for more exploration.

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