Monday, July 8, 2019

Inverness to New Port Richey Pedaling Slow

Geese.  Trying to blog with my iPhone and iPad is not working.

I can't post pictures in the right order, the screen jumps around.

I was up at 4:00 with thunder and lightening.  I thought I would have to start this tour in the rain, but the rain never hit me.

For you route geeks.  I went Withlacoochee trail with a stop to feed the goats in Nobleton.  I also mailed a book at the postoffice in Nobelton.  The postal clerk was strange and threatening.  I was mailing a book.  He asked several times if there was a note or anything in there beside the book.  He said the will Ezra's it and mail it back to me if they find a note in there.  In Inverness the clerks are friendly and take my word for it the first time they ask.  

Withlacoochee trail to the Good Neighbor trail.  Stop at the Sun Rise Bistro for coffee and Soup at 11:00.  The owner let me in early.  The staff waited until the official open time to wait on me, but the owner brought me water and oooed and aaaaed over my adventure.
Back streets to hwy 50 sidewalk to the SunCoast Trail.

Rescued a tortoise that had been turned upside down by a dog that ran off when I rode up.  I don't know if the tortoise was still alive.  It was very heavy and never emerged or moved.  

I also rescued a tortoise in Starkey park on that trail.  This one had been turned over on its back in a fight with another tortoise.  This poor guy had dedicated on his belly.  

I do not arrive at my warmshowers hosts, home in New Port Richey until 5:30.  They made me supper.  I had bought myself food.  I may eat it anyway.  I shouldn't still be hungry, but I am.

 I don't know how many miles I did.  I left home ar 6:30.  Tomorrow is only about 35 miles.


Words will be added later.


  1. Great job with pictures & riding. How is the silence of riding alone going? 9 hours is one long day. Best wishes for short day & travel arrangements tomorrow.

  2. Great start, Susan. I always upload my pictures to Google photos and then use a link for my blog. That way the pictures are backed up. There's an extra step where you have to put the pictures link into another website to get the right address for Blogger. And then you need to remove some of the link to make it work. If you want more info, I'd be happy to walk you through it - the process is a big complicated but works well in the end.


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