Praise for The Journey Continues

Review: The Journey Continues Alzheimer’s Trippin’ by Susan Straley

At its core, this is a love story. A story of one woman’s mastery of all the heartbreak and foibles of her adored husband going through the decline of dementia.

Through all the endless worries, trying difficulties, she maintained her sense of humor, her love for her husband (most of the time – by her own admission) and her appreciation for the support from her network of friends.

Anyone who has traveled the road of dementia with a loved one will recognize the journey. Anyone who anticipates the journey on the road ahead would be well advised to read this book to get a glimmer of what lies ahead. Many discussions in the book will be invaluable to a newbie caregiver in providing guidance as to how to cope.

Support systems, via friends, family or social agencies and churches, are essential. For anyone living in the immediate area where the author lives, the support systems are identified. But for anyone elsewhere, with a little research, similar support systems will undoubtedly come to light.

Financial considerations are also a small, but important, topic discussed.

Although the journey was difficult, finding times to laugh and enjoy those activities that were part of the couple’s prior lives allowed the author remember the “good old days.” These lifted her spirits, which helped counter the drearier moments.

Once in a while, she lost patience. Rarely. Actually amazing the patience didn’t wane more often. A gentle reminder that nobody should expect himself to always be perfect.

George and Susan’s journey will stay with me. One day at a time, she captivated me.

Adele Jacobson
Certified Music Practitioner
President, Music in Medicine, Inc.

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